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    what is the difference of northeran and southern dancin?and is it like buckskin dancin
    It is not the the blood that makes an Indian.It is the soul.

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    northern dancing is either dancing stationary or dancing toe-heel around the arena and during the honor beat the fan is raised. southern dancing is just regular dancing and during the honor beat the dancers bend over and weave in and out.

    both northern and southern wear buckskin
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      i asked someone that same question and they said what u just finished saying and also that the blackfoot people don't raise there fans but i don't know any thing cause i'm not a traditional dancer or buckskin dancer thats all i heard
      hey babe


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        yeah, i forgot not all northern dancers raise their fans
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          The same difference between apples and oranges.

          ... wrapped in buckskin.

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            How about anyone else? differences between the style of dress, ways of dancing, regalia etc..... Just a basic FAQ


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              We do not raise our fan an we enter counterclockwise but when in another gathering we try to enter as they do . My dress is still in progress I have the buckskin but it is not beaded yet I have never beaded a buckskin so I am just letting it be till I figure out what to do .. Any input would be welcome.
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                It depends what tribe you are.
                Northern Dancers are mostly Buckskin (sometimes cloth) they have beaded dresses (with long fringe) with breast plate and fully beaded mocs.
                Northern Dancers dance in place (old style) or around the arena (like TJFS said) and on the honor beats they raise their fans (not all tribes).
                Southern Dancers have mostly cloth dresses (sometimes buckskin) they have breastplate and (cloth dress has no fringe)
                Southern Dancers dance around the arena and on the honor beats they bow slitly (spelling?).
                This is just generic PowWow dancing it varies per tribe and location.:)


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                  Thank Y'all for helpin me.
                  It is not the the blood that makes an Indian.It is the soul.


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                    i would also add that northern skins are generally fully beaded and southern ones only have a little bit. also most northern breastplates ive seen have been just for the front, and the southern ones (round here neways) are front and back and a little shorter. i think that most southerns round here wear leggings instead of high mocs too. om lets see??? i dunno if i think of sum mor ill write but y brains shot now so lata


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                      Us Northern Dancers dress alot warmer, and the Southern Dancers dress alot cooler! besides the differences in dancing styles:indian2:


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