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  • How many for yoke?

    So Peeps,

    Can anyone tell me how many bags of beads (size 10 cut) it would take to make a fully beaded yoke?

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    When I made mine I ordered bulk (by the half kilo) This way I was sure that all my beads were the same colour because different dye batches create slightly different shades. I think I ordered 3.5 kilos, 2 kilos being my background colour, which was white. I had left overs of my other colours, but at least they all matched. I ordered from my local bead store. I am lucky that I have a great bead store here in town, she let me order at cost.


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      SuzzeQ4's numbers sound perty accurate. I usually order enough for everything (yoke, leggings, mocs, whatnot) all at the same time, just to be sure I don't have trouble matching colors later on. Running out is a bad situation! I almost always use size 11's, and with those, an outfit usually takes about 4-5 bags (1/2 kilo each) for the background. Plus, the equivalent of a couple more bags for the designs. I'm not real sure about the 10's, but I wouldn't think they would be a whole lot different.


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        My yoke required right around 3 kilos altogether though I did wind up with some leftover. These were 12/o however.

        To get a more accurate idea, you'll have to do some measuring and whip out the calculator. Find out the area of your yoke, in square inches. For Czech size 10's, one hank will cover about 24 square inches. A kilo of 10/o will have around 20 hanks in it.
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