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baby girl buckskin thoughts, ramblings, etc

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  • baby girl buckskin thoughts, ramblings, etc

    I'm making a baby buckskin dress for my lil girl due in april 2009. she'll wear it july and aug 2009
    I want to make it as simple as possible as she won't be walking yet I've cut an outline as one piece outfit est size 3-6mos (attached pic shows a cd on it, it's not really warped just thats tha angle of the photo) I will be adding a fringe along the bottom arms and down to bottom. then add more around bottom of dress.
    The top part of the dress will have a loomed strip sewed across arm to arm. and hopefully (if not too much) a loomed
    belt stitched on. (so it;s not an actual belt)

    I was thinking to add some design work to the "skirt" part of the dress but not sure if i should just add elks teeth, cowrie shells, "tasseled" fringe with some beads. or just a few tiny madallions sewn on????

    guess my though process has worked through lol just wanna know what ya'll think....

    I've never made a buckskin dress "this is my training for when she's older shhhh don't tell her lol"

    Sooo Am I missing something .... anything?
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    dont put anything on it that you would wouldn't feel comfortable about her pulling off and putting into her mouth. Also, remember that babies like to be comfortable, and a real heavily decorated buckskin like you described might not be the most baby friendly outfit. It's easier when they start walking, they are a bit more strong at that point. Also, you have to factor in the drool, baby food, milk, and other liquidy stuff that goes along with babies. Trust me, its not an easy, or pretty thing, trying to clean watery poo out of the inside of a buckskin dress (And no, I'm not talking about my own dress, Lisa and Jessie, so Ha Ha!).
    Have you thought about making a cradle board? You can decorate the mess out of it, and they are so nice to look at!

    Just my own wee thoughts...congrats on the new chick!
    Ipsica Waci
    Wicahpi Eyoyambya Olowan


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      It sounds nice but I agree with Lakota Wiyan on the practicality of this. a cradle board, some cute ribbon the buckskin for next year when she is walking at least. I get it as a Mom we just want to dress them up right a way eh? But as a Mom who is dressing baby #5 for the comming powwow's I would go with cotton and cradle boards. My little guy will be 1 in march, he will be in cotton ribbon shirt and wool aprons, I'm not even making leggings until next year, or year after, when they are little you want to be so careful about the heat too.


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        I have to agree with the other ladies that have posted, go for some thing that is washable, and comfortable. Leather will lead to an unhappy infant, and more than likely heat rash!!! Beads and such are just going to be headed for you babies mouth....
        I think that Cradleboards are beautiful and very handy!!! Several nice tiny ribbon dress are just the ticket, cool comfy, esy to clean and in this economy inexpensive to make for a tiny one...

        Congrats on the new baby girl.... and send us pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Thankful for the blessing from the Creator in my life!!!!

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          you can pull off beaded mocs until the feet go in the mouth, and beaded hair pieces. But yes pics would be sweet!


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