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northern style womans breastplates

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  • northern style womans breastplates

    So when I was taught to make these, I was taught to make the very long hanging down near your ankles breastplate. joining from around the neck to make a solid piece from my chest. Made some for people but admitable never made one for myself, not sure why, just didn't. It didn't really apeal to me I guess. Anyway I then this past year noticed that in the old pics (bout 1890 - 1920) they looked different. Much shorter. Not joining to about the belt, then just one or two solid layers. I liked it. It's less over the top I guess. More me...I'm a jeans and hoodie kinda girl, spent my youth on a skateboard. So I have made myself one of these older less showy breastplates, reallly like it. Again not seen one around the tradish powwows in my neck of the wods amoungst the Mohawk and Algonquin so I turn to you all and ask do people wear these today? Are there other Woman out their going with the smaller (and lighter) womans breastplate?
    I'm on my phone right now p
    But if I have a chance to get on my laptop I'll post a pic.

    Breastplates in general are not to popular here, but traditionally they were not worn round here. anyway just wondering.

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    The breastplate is more of a Plains thing. I used to have a short one that I wore with a Lakota cloth dress. It only came to about the top of my knees. It was made of real bone pipes with glass and brass beads with smashed copper pennies at the ends. I only had beads around the neck part and at the very bottom as "fringe". That puppy was heavy even though it was on the short and narrow side with only about 100 pipes on it. If I were to make another breastplate, I would do it that way again.


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      sounds like the one I made, 100 bone pipes, brass beads on the ends and beads round the neck. Heavy enough but lighter then those real long ones I've made for a few ladies.


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        Mine is a little above my ankle...


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