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  • purses - creative outlet?

    so does the beadwork on your purse match the rest of your beadwork, similar to the rest of your beadwork or do you do something totaly different?

    Typically the beadwork on my purse is similar to my other beadwork, but i mix it up a bit. This time all my beadwork is very geometric but the purse I am making is totaly different. It's a picture of a Mom holding her baby in a cradleboard. When all our beadwork matches the purse tends to be the one piece (if any) that differs. Likewise for Men and their tabacco bags. Are these our creative outlets, the place where we try something different? Just thinking.

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    Traditional dancer, my background color is black. It all matches, but the tobacco bag/purse is totally different. That is because my good friend gave it to me, He said I made this for you. Green background but proud to carry it.


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      Well I have to admit my tobacco bag is with a soft matt mauve, no black background with this one! The rest of the pattern is in glossy beads. Geometric as well.
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        Normally, I make a matching purse for each beadwork set. But I do have one odd bag that I sometimes use with one of my sets, you know just for variety's sake.


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