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  • Where & How to start a cape

    Good Day Ladies (gents) can't descriminate now a days.

    I was wondering how to start a Northern Style Beaded Cape/Yoke
    My Mother inlaw & I are wanting to double team a cape/yoke.

    What would you suggest to use as a base?
    What shape do we use?? I dont want to make a huge poncho LOL

    I've seen others and it kinda looks like a "T" shape..

    Suggestions, tricks of the trade and input would be deeply appreciated.

    Safe Travels on the Pow wow Trail!
    One Women. One Mind. One Vision.

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    me I do a huge poncho...


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      When I watched my family make one they used canvas duck, a layer of pellon, then a muslin backing. The shape was roughly what a deer hide would be, minus head and tail. To me it looked kind of like an "H", with the legs of the H being the legs of the deer. That's just what I've seen. Am sure every tribe has their own way of doing it though.


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        The ones I've worked on have been heavy canvas (shrink the heck out of it before cutting) with a calico backing placed on after beading to protect the threads. With applique, I've backed with Pellon & paper (the paper falls off after you're done). For lane stitch, I've used it unbacked.

        The two where I have done the cutting, not just the beading, were cut like Tribalgz described. I've seen some that are kind of T-shaped but with triangles on the arms of the T, and some that were just fat topped T's. Yoke shape has historically varied from nation to nation. So you might talk to some folks in your tribe; they can tell you what shape and what other things you need to do to do it right.


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          I'm assuming you are doing a solidly beaded yoke. In that case, the heavy canvas duck is best to use since its breathable, easy to bead on and is cheap. I have made one yoke this way and I'm working on a second one by the same method that OlChemist describes. I first cut our my yoke shape and head opening and bind all the edges with bias tape so the canvas won't unravel. It is easier to bind the edges before beading rather than try to do it later. When I finish the beading, I will back the whole thing with cotton or calico. Yeah, the shape of the yoke and sleeves varies from nation to nation.


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            Thank you every one for your post's.

            I live in the middle of no where, and I always have to drive to pick up materials.
            I haven't started yet, but from the input I am making a list. I figure glass charlotte beads are the way to go!

            Now I just have to drive 12 hours to go and pick up my supplies.
            Thank you every one!!

            *May the creator keep you safe on the pow wow trail*
            One Women. One Mind. One Vision.


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