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  • Size???

    I see there is a big conflict on how big a crown should be, so what is the best size to do????
    I know 1 foot tall is too big, so what is too small?

    What is just right???
    I know mine that I am making is going to be about 5 inches tall. What is everyone elses opinion?????
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    I dont remember how tall mine is...its been a while since i made both of them!


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      :) Ok this is a different question but along the same lines ,,,
      Are crowns normally for the younger dancer? I have seen some elders wearing them and have not decieded if I am going to wear one, not knowing the real proper protocol of the crown. by the way I am an ancient 44 years old!:D :Cry

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        first post here so just a quick about me: i am not native by blood but i have been in the culture for almost 7 years, i got into dancing through scouts (ya ewww scouts, not sure how the feels are here but i know there are some bad feelings around the culture). ive been taught...
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