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choice to go colored or white on a buckskin dress

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    Originally posted by Czechy View Post
    Well, white or very lightly smoked color are traditional. You can't go wrong with those. I have yet to see some of these pastel buckskins you mention. If you have pictures, I'd love to see. They might look good but what if its just a short-lived fad? Then you will have to spend to make another dress once the fashion fades.

    I've made a few buckskin dresses and they are a lot of work. If I am going to put so much effort into something, I want to use good-quality materials. If it were me, I would save up for the more costly white buckskins. But I try to make stuff that will outlive me, lol! I don't know which style of dress you are thinking about but another option might be to use fewer hides by making a wool/velvet top or shortening/using less of the arm fringe. Just my thoughts....
    Where do you buy your hides from? My family used to use a company in NY and the hides were 3.50 a square foot...everywhere else charges an arm and a leg...I can't afford to pay 6-10 a square foot


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      Originally posted by iolana1 View Post
      If you had a choice to go white or have a colored buckskin dress would you? And if so what color would you go?

      My personal choice when I make and wear my traditional dress, is leather that is either smoked, or willow. I hate pure white leather; just my 2 cents and opinion.


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        Originally posted by iolana1 View Post
        If you had a choice to go white or have a colored buckskin dress would you? And if so what color would you go?
        I went a golden buckskin because it was on sale
        I've seen black, blue, red buckskin dresses on some of the wannabe people around here, they don't look nice... The most extreme colour should be around chocolate or otherwise it looks fake-y. White tends to get grey and dirty after time unless constant wash and care, golden buckskin or light smoke gives it a little more room to live in. Besides, it is usually cheaper than the white skins!


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