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How many outfits?

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  • How many outfits?

    This topic is going on in southern cloth, too.

    How many outfits do you travel with, or how many outfits do you have?

    I have 2, and have plans for a 3rd. I don't know when I will ever get the 3rd dress done. My husband's projects keep me busy. He can always think of something he wants me to make before the next powwow.

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    I have one long fringed buckskin out fit. Looks pretty damn nice too!!!
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      I have a total of 4-one is retired, one I am going to give to my sister(it's cloth) and I usually only take one to each pow wow I am dancing at, but if I am going to be at the same one for more than 2 days I will take both with me for variety. I also have 3 different shawls that I rotate, and 2 different fans as well. As for jewelry, I just decide that the morning of the pow wow, and take only what I want to wear for that day, or days and leave the rest at home. It is easier that way to keep up with everything and I have less chance of losing something.


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        Hello ladies,
        I know i'm southern cloth, but let me ask you, how many pieces of leather do you use for your dresses?
        How do you keep them clean?
        Do you think its hotter than cloth? or cooler?
        How do you decide the length of your fringe?
        Why'd you choose buckskin and the designs you wear ono the cape?
        I think sometimes I'd like to have a buckskin, but no idea where to start, but I love my cloth dresses, so I doubt I'd switch.
        Well will wonders never cease.....


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