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  • Tradish EXPENSES!

    Hey everyone,
    I was just wondering how much do you think it will cost to make a FULLY beaded tradish regalia??? With accessories and eveything?? and where could i buy some beads? websites, company names??
    ¤º»ŴäŁмAЯŧ ČĦĩċ«º¤

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    I don't know about costs of making a dress, I make my own stuff. But here is a good place to buy beads cheap or reasonable. I buy beads there all the time, by the kilo.

    Shipwreck Beads offers the World's Largest Selection of Beads, in addition to a HUGE selection of beading accessories, jewelry making supplies, and beading books. Over 48,000 different styles and colors of beads. We offer both retail and wholesale quantities of beads.

    Looks like it's within the same state as you too, (if you're in Washington, I see you are also Suquamish). Would be fun to go there and check it out. :Angel2


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      hey thanks
      ill check it out...where you from anyways you suquamish to?
      ¤º»ŴäŁмAЯŧ ČĦĩċ«º¤


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        Oh no, I'm not Suquamish, I just noticed from your profile that you are part Suquamish. I'm Tenino from Simnasho, Oregon :)


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          OHHHhh i see..thanks for the website
          ¤º»ŴäŁмAЯŧ ČĦĩċ«º¤


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            I know my southern buckskin cost me alot...just to the buckskin. I beaded all my accessories myself...even the moccs!
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              :Angel2 thanx:Angel2
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