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    Hello Everyone:Chatter I'm somewhat new to I've always wanted to start dancing for as long as I could remember!:) At first I wanted to start dancing Jingle but then I realized I'm just not cut out for it:Chatter Pretty funny even tho I'm only 18yrs old. A friend of mine got the nice idea that she wanted me to dance along side her, if I ever were to dance Northern Tradish. Well I've finally found someone who would make my outfit. It is in the works right now, so hopefull i'll be on the trail next year, but I was just wondering do anyone of you think that a black, silver and white outfit is appropriate or good?:p At first I chose black to be the main color but omg that would be soooooooo hot huh? So if anyone of you have any pointers for me it would be greatly appreciated:Angel:
    }i{ BuTteRfLy }i{
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    Black, silver and white sounds bad!!!! (you know, good!!!), but I am surprised that someone as young as you are would choose them. Colors are a real personal thing, but if it will make you feel good and if someone can make some good designs with only three colors go for it! If someone asked me for just three colors, I would suggest adding one more vibrant color in there for accents,
    not too much if you don't want, but just something to catch the eye now and then or use to break a pattern along the way. Even just one or a few of the different color beads in there.
    But whatever you feel is right for you is good.


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      hey thanx

      Hi there Buckskin Lady
      Thanx for responding!:Chatter So what color would you suggest? maybe a red? That's my other favorite color, unless a purple or blue would go better..I think blue. but anyhow. I have always loved the color silver, and I just love butterflies, I think they are so cool and graceful. The person who is doing the beadwork on my outfit is also an artist. He has some pretty good ideas on how to go about the beadwork. Like I said, Black will not be the main color..but you did get me thinking about only choosing three colors. He just started on the Fan, and I'm pretty sure that he is not done. I know that he is done the handle and that's about it, but not sure if he did anymore work on it. Oh about the beadwork:Chatter butterflies and handprints. The butterflies will not be all the same, I think the main color is either to be white or silver. Whatever suggestions you can give will help me so much in getting my outfit made. Aww I thank you so much for actually replying. I posted a message on here once quite awhile back but nobody answered So I thank you for helping me out :Chatter When my friend finishes the fan, he is going to take a picture, so I'll try and post it
      }i{ Butterfly }i{
      Once again, Thank you so much:):Chatter :Chatter
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        Hi! Sorry noone replied back a while ago, but sometimes I am out to lunch or if I feel I am not qualified to answer a question, I won't post anything.
        Red sounds great as an accent color, especially if it is your next favorite!
        Your design sounds like it is going to be great and having an artist as a beadworker is great although I consider all beadworkers (and regalia makers) artists.
        I always suggest colors in descending order like, what;s your background, then what is the next most used color going to be, then next...on down. So if you want to use red as your fourth color and stay with that, great...if you want to use a purple just a little bit in there...great too! Just something for the eye to go to.
        Good luck!!


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          Hey Buckskin lady:Thumbs
          How are ya?:Chatter Well I talked about it with my friend, and he thinks blue would be a great color with my outfit, he didn't specify on exactly what color of blue. but he did have a dream of making it, and seen little blue handprints, so I do think that is pretty awesome, so we're going to go with that. Aww THANK YOU SO MUCH! You're a great person:Chatter
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