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  • Sunglasses

    I was checking out some of the buckskin pictures in the gallery. I really like the pics in there. But, I hate when women are out on the dance floor wearing sunglasses!! I don't know why, but this irritates me to no end.

    I guess when you are cool...............the sun always shines.

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    I feel they shouldn't be worn if you are just trying to be cool, but I know some women buckskin dancers that have diseases or impairments such as Lupus, etc. and you are not supposed to be in the sun at all. They may just put on sunblock and wear shades to protect themselves so that they can still dance. Also some women are on medication that requires them to have limited sun exposure. The eyes are sensitive anyway, and when they are further compromised by other impairments, some just use any means neccesary so that they can still dance. I know it's not in every case, but that's my 2 cents. Just a thought.


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      I know my Mother always said not to wear shades during ceremonials, no matter how bright the sun is..and of course never to chew gum! But I know that I wear shades virtually every minute that I am in the sun...the glare just hurts my eyes nowadays. There are also a lot of women who are very succeptible to migraines and must protect their eyes.
      I guess without all our ozone the sun is not the wonderful, gentle, basking light it used to be. I still love it though! :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:


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        never leave home without 'em

        Would you disapprove if I wore mine? Can't see a damn thing without glasses. I got the type that change color in the brightness. :dancer:


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          I dont wear them because i feel funny when I'm talking to people through them. I feel like I'm being rude even though the person Im talkig to might not feel that way.
          My best friend wearsthem though. Her eyeballs actually get fried by the end of the day and then burn all night.
          :Eyepopper Lots of ladies I know wear them but do take them off for ceremonials.



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            I wear sun glasses at powwows, but only when I am not dancing or out for intertribals only. Definintely not during grand entry, exhibition, or competition.

            Most of the other traditional dancers I know do the same.

            It's a killer sometimes though...cause that sun can be mighty bright and mighty hot! That's when my fan comes in handy!



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              I agree with Talking Numbers..........that fan sure comes in handy. I know that I would never wear sunglasses, though.


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                I wish I didn't have to wear glasses at all, let alone sunglasses.
                About 15 years ago I nearly suffered a detached retina. Fortunately, the damage was caught in time by an opthomologist who was just "doing his job" during a routine eye exam. I had no recognized symptoms of a retina becoming detached...scary thought, before that time, I only thought boxers had detached retinas, not women's traditional dancers!
                Since then, sunlight effects me to no end, therefore, sunglasses are a means of survial.
                Stange, before this happened to me, I had questions about people who seemed to always have their sunglasses on, no matter where they were or what time of day/night it was.
                As I go along in life I've found that more is revealed to me in time, no matter if I'm living my life on life's terms or asking, keep asking questions!


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                  Some people are sooo cool they gotta wear shades! I think for the most part, you can tell who's wearin' their shades to be "cool" & who has those neat-o perscription specks that change in the sunlight.
                  I'm puttin' my 2 cents in because there's a pix in there of my MOTHER who appears to be wearing sun glasses, but they're actually perscriptive, pretty cool what'cha can score at Wal*Mart Optical!!
                  So lets not be so judgemental, it's an accessory just as any other adornment added to an outfit to make ya stand each their own!


                  *BE EASY*


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                    The is the first time I ever heard "no shades". I wear perscription lenses that change color. I'm blind as a bat without them. It's better for me to wear them than to fall or bump into someone in the arena.


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