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  • Storing Your Buckskin

    How do you store your buckskin dress? I've heard some people wrap them in sheets and fold them, and others hang them up. I just had one made for my daughter and need some advice before I do something I may regret.

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    I store my dress with the rest of my outfit which is in a suitcase. I start with my shawls then lay the breastplate in but keep half of it out then I put my dresses next, and lay the rest of the breastplate over it. Probably sounds crazy but I do that so that the threads of the breastplate don't get crushed and weaken the threads, (my breastplate is made of dentallium shells and is already fragile). I wouldn't recommend hanging the dress for long periods of time as the weight of the dress, beads, buckskin will cause a lot of stress on the threads and eventually they will break, especially if you have a one piece dress. I have a seperate buckskin bottom from my beaded top(s). Wrapping the dress in muslin or a sheet wouldn't hurt but don't know if thats necessary.
    Hope I helped rather than completely confuse you :Angel2 :Chatter


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      I have a 1-piece dress. I lay it out on the floor then place a piece of dry cleaning plastic over the dress top and skirt hem where there is earth paint. I do that so the color doesn't rub off on other parts of the dress. I fold the dress in half lengthwise. Then I fold the sleeves in. Next I roll up the dress starting at the neck and working down to the skirt. Plastic is not the best choice, the sheets are better as they "breathe" and do not trap in moisture. But I live in a very dry climate so that is not much of an issue for me.

      I agree with Kakeeya that its best to pad out any folds in stuff so there will be less stress created on a garment. Hanging is not good either as all the weight is on a narrow part of the shoulders and can stretch the hide or weaken any stitching there. A suitcase would work alright as long as the dress doesn't stay in there for years at a time.


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        Just FYI....if its a white buckskin, I've been told that dry cleaning plastic turns it either brown or green...I can't remember right off the top....

        I store mine in a sheet and it has worked well for me



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          Thank you, ladies! I think we'll wrap the dress in a sheet and roll it up.


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            Storing Buckskin dress

            I've had my dress for 17 years now, and no problems. As soon as I've finished using it I will hang the top and the bottom out for one day on heavy wood hangers to airdry any sweat or moisture out of it; this is the time to brush any dirt off the the hide and to check the beadwork for any loose threads and to do any repairs. Then I carefully fold all my regalia together and store it in a suitcase, until I dance next. It has worked well for me:)


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              Originally posted by Dancin' Fool
              How do you store your buckskin dress? I've heard some people wrap them in sheets and fold them, and others hang them up. I just had one made for my daughter and need some advice before I do something I may regret.
              My sister stores her dress by hanging it up, and put it into the dry cleaners.


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