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how do i find something that looks like buckskin?

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  • how do i find something that looks like buckskin?

    I want to make a buckskin dress. But moey is tight what can I use that might be cheaper? any one????????:Eyebrows
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    buckskin dress

    That be a hard one. If you chose chamois it would be cheaper but it wouldn't last through all the wear. They have a material out now that looks like leather but it is about as expensive as buying buckskin. What you might want to do is call around to different vendors (ie: Steve Eagles, Wandering Bull) and see if they have some hides that are mis-shaped or have holes. If you are good with your sewing, you could make a wonderful piece dress. I made one for a young girl, that her parents couldn't afford nice buckskin at the time. It turned out very nice. If you need any more help, I will be glad to give you the info I know.


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      What about trying other kinds of hides. It may not be exactly what you are looking for but it presents the same kind of concept. Others may say that it may not look as good, but you do what you can until you could do better. The cloth material that is the same color of bucskin doesn't give you the same appeal. Maybe try other hides of other animals that are the same color and lighter in weight than buckskin.

      Another thing you could try is to do a bucskin skirt and a cloth top or vice versa. That way you can build up to it and mix them up later. I saw a lady once who had a velvet top with bucskin fringe and a bucskin skirt. It's just an idea, but she looked great and it was beutiful!


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        Well, I guess my first reaction to your question is that there is no substitute for buckskin for a buckskin dress.
        One suggestion was that you use a cloth or trade wool top. That style is specific to certain tribes, mostly Northern. If that is your tribe's traditional dress, go ahead, but you should be wearing what is traditional to your tribe.
        I would suggest buying the #2 or maybe #3 hides that are still good and of even thickness and patching holes carefully if you need to. Just buy one or two at a time...whatever you can afford. You don't have to rush to make a buckskin all at should be good quality and last you a lifetime or at least a v-e-r-y long time. If you make it with crap, it will show and it will not be something that you can be proud of.
        A buckskin dress was a sign of either privelege...a girl's family or husband's family having money or status or it was a sign that she had very good and smart beadworkers and hide preparers and sewers in her family who loved her very much and would be honored by her looking good. They didn't rush to make a shabby product. Actually, I know for a fact that some women would wait for years just to gather enough good hides to make a dress. We don't have to wait that long now, because they are more available, but money is definitely tight for everyone, I think, right now. There are still many, many ladies old and young who come to me for one or two hides at a time and tell me that they made the skirt and are now looking for a big skin for the top...or they say they are now ready to buy skins for the fringe...etc.
        That's just my opinion and my experience, but believe me quality shows and it reflects on the dancer and on the person.
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          thank you for your thoughts.

          I want to start out by saying I am a northern dancer. I am lakota most of my family is from sd...So yes I am dancing as who and what I am. :) I am doing northern cloth but I want buckskin. I was told about a new fabric that looks like buckskin but is a little cheaper. I thought itlooked very nice. I just dont remember what it was called.. I was hoping some one would.. I do thank every one who looks at my topic and responds to it. Any help is always good! thanks agian every one!!!!!:p :D :p :D


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            Hi Melissa! There are a lot of people on these boards and out there, who it is all right to dress any kind of way, so that's why I mentioned that. I respect your knowledge of your own dress, and I am sure whatever you make will come out great!
            The name of the fabric that you are thinking of is "suede cloth", I think. It is expensive...about $10.00 a yard, but does not have the weight or movement of buckskin. However, I do know a lady who contests all the time (and wins!) who has a suede cloth skirt that she wears with her Northern buckskin top. She is on the road almost all the time and she likes to throw the skirt in the wash. You can get some fairly good buckskin for $4.00 a square foot and you need about two 12 sq ft hides to make a skirt.
            Good luck!:p :p


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