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    Hello! I have a question, I'm just getting ready for powwow season and I have just started out dancing buckskin. I have a feather that my uncle gave me to wear in my hair. I have a beaded medalion that my mom gave me to go with it. So I'm really puzzled as to how I'm supposed to secure the medalion and the feather together. Help!

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    Here's a tip I picked up from Blackbear:

    Glue a piece of buckskin to the back of your medallion, but leave an unglued channel running vertically down the center. Slide the quill end into the pocket you just created and the leather will be tight enough to hold that feather even on a windy day. Then sew some barrettes to the medallion on either side of the channel and the whole thing clips into your hair without much fuss!

    PS, if your feather doesn't have a very long quill end stickin out, extend it with some heavy gage floral wire and wrap it with fabric tape or really thin buckskin.

    Hope this helps - W49

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      Thanks for the help W49, I will definately try this!


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