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    When I dance southern buckskin, I wear a belt, drop, medalion, choker and plume in my hair. Just wondering because my aunt gave me her buckskin to wear, It doesn't have a lot of beadwork on it, its really old school looking, which is cool, but I kind of feel like I need to spruce it up a bit, should I get a crown made to go with it? Or maybe a breastplate? How do all of you accessorize your southern buckskins?

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    Maybe you could add a breastplate, beaded bracelet and ring, perhaps some earrings to match. Do you wear hairties?


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      No, I've thought about it though, I think I would have to wait for my hair to grow out a little bit more for hair ties. I have shoulder length hair, so would that look funny if I wore hair ties? I've mostly seen them on long hair.


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        You can still wear hairties. I had cut my hair shoulder length and it is still growing out but I have a trick that my sister and I do so we can wear hairties. Have either yourself or someone else braid your hair (either old style or french braids or however you do it) and get some felt. The felt can either be black, brown (depending on your hair color) or any color that would match your beadwork. Wrap the felt around the top of each braid and then wrap some buckskin strips around both the braid and felt and tie them in super tight knots so they won't fall out. Once the felt pieces are secured tightly to the braids, get some bias tape (again, any color that will match your beadwork) and wrap the braids. Start wrapping where the buckskin knots are. Btw, you can cut the felt length wise--to make the "braids" longer. So there you have it -- home made braid extensions. I hope this helps you out!


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          One of those beaded bands might look better than a crown if your dress really looks ol school... :) They're really cute too, and much cheaper.


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            my hair is sholulder length.....gurl you could hook your hair/hairties up
            blah blah blah....


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