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Cleaning buckskin

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  • Cleaning buckskin

    How do you clean buckskin? For example dirt or stains from soda.
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    If it won't brush off then white gas ( also known as coleman fuel). Be sure to clean it outside because the fumes are strong. Hang it outside until it's dry and brush clean. If it's white, be sure to chalk it so it becomes brilliant white.
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      If it doesn't have a lot of beadwork put it in a pillowcase and wash on gentle cycle in the washing machine. To dry it, hang up or lay flat. You have to keep a check on it, because leather tends to shrink. Another idea take a cleaning brush(gentle) and cornmeal. For some reason this works on the smoke and rust colors. My grandmother taught me that one. Hope this helps.


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        I use a "suede brush" (from a real shoe store) to lift any dirt. They used to have wire bristles, but you can use a brush with hard plastic bristles. If it is more of a stain than liftable dirt, then I rub it gently with fine sandpaper, then use the sandpaper to powder some dust off a white clay ball that is specifically made for cleaning buckskin. Just rub the sandpaper over the clayball until a bunch piles up on the buckskin and then rub it in until it whitens and the stain disappears.
        The worst stains I've seen are from red or orange pop (soda in the east) or snow cones or kool aid. That is DYE and friend, you are sunk! If all the above measures that everyone has offered fail, then put some beadwork over it! :(


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