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  • Shawl HELP!!!

    I have a question. I need to refringe my shawl and its my first time and no Mom's or grandmas around to help. Can anyone give me step by step instructions. I already bought the fringe... (regular shawl fringe) and need to know what to do w/it and what kind of needle I need, etc... since I'm re-fringing, the holes are already there... Can anyone help? THANKS!!!!
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    Sorry, don't know didley about shawls.
    Perhaps someone someone on the Fancy Shawl or cloth boards can help you.


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      Hey, get one of those hook needles, like the kind you use for knitting.
      Stick the hook eye through the hole, and pull the double shawl fringe through. After that pull your two pieces still on the other side of the shawl through the hoop( that got made from pulling a little through) and pull tight.
      I hope this helps!!:)
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        shawl fringe

        ok here is the best way i have found to do a shawl,
        1. if your fringe is on a bolt get an 11x14 picture frame cardboard and wrap the fringe long ways around the cardboard or vertical.
        2. then cut on one end that will give you 14 in fringe .
        3. take an awl or very thick needle and pull the fringe thru the hole , make sure they are even at the bottom and then roll around your hand and pull to a knot...
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          what ndnkidz said is pretty much how I do it, but once you wrap the amount of fringe that you want onto the cardboard, and before you cut it, take some fray check (you can get it at Walmart) and run a bead of it across the end that you are going to cut. Let it dry and then cut along the fray check. This prevents it from fraying after washing and normal wear. Hope this helps.:)
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            Ok - Mom and Dad were clearing their upstairs and came across my ancient shawl from way back in the day. ;) Many of the fringes, when my mom picked it up just fell out - where do I buy the fringe (this was made and given to me by a dear friend years ago). It is long and black - very silky feeling fringe.
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              Thanks guys for all your replies... very helpful!
              I'm going to get started tonight after a quick trip to wally world!

              I'll let u know how it goes.

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