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  • Just a question or twenty

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    Well, Like I said there, I have a question or twenty. :) I don't know which or how many I can come up with before I end this message, but I hope some of them can be answered.
    I am getting a dress made (buckskin) for me, I think it should be done sometime this month or next. It will be plain, no beading because I want to do it myself. I am going to do Southern Style because the Cherokee people don't have buckskin dresses. I am part cherokee.
    How much beading do I put on it? I know the yoke isnt supposed to be fully beaded. Thank goodness.
    What else am I allowed to put on it? I seen one dress with Horse Hair hanging from the shoulder area, I liked that. Am I allowed to do that? And what about jingle cones? I seen a dress with those too and I also liked that.
    I know some people use beading looms to do the beading for it. I have also heard it is faster. Where do I find them? I know there aren't any here in the town I live in. Anyone know where I can find one? Is it really faster to get it done? And if it is, I get one, How in the heck will I use it?
    What about medicine wheels? Someone told me to put medicine wheels on my dress, is that proper?
    Ok ok, I know I am full of questions, and I am trying to keep them down to a minium. I will post agian with my questions
    Thank you for your help!!!!!

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    Gte on line and order a crazy crow catalog. They have beading looms, beads, belt kits and blah blah blah more!! They have all sorts of stuff to help you out!!
    Southern buckskin usually has beadwork down the shoulders and two on each side of the chest and two pieces on each side of the upper back. Be careful you don't copy a design though. I know a few people who still use tribal or family designs.

    Good luck!!!
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      Thank you! Thank you!
      I didn't do it, honestly. I have burned all the proof.


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