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    For southern style, what would I need like accessory wise?
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    hi! For southern style you would need some beaded hairties. a rosette necklace, scarf with a pin to attach it around your neck (I always used broaches but u can use anything u are interested in), other necklaces, choker, a ribbon or matching ribbon work down your back, your shawl, purse, fan.

    that's what I wear with my cloth outfit. Of course if you wear the one piece cloth outfit, then you need a belt with that beaded pouch set.

    Hope this helps

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      Hi! Yeah all that sounds good for Cloth, but it is a little different for buckskin.
      And once again, different tribes dress differently!!!!!! But since everybody insists on lumping all Northern styles and all Southern styles together, I will either get off my soapbox and just give general info, or quit answering anything on this board altogether!!!!
      You need a belt and a drag..that is an inch wide leather strap that hangs from your belt on the right side of your buckle (Kiowa style) and it is traditionally wrapped with oblong silver conchos and reaches slightly below your fringe at the bottom of your dress. The bottom of this can be split and different silver tips can be added.
      Then you need a pouch set hanging from your belt on the right side (Kiowa) or in the back (Cheyenne) or Comanches seem to have split opinions on where these belong. It is either 2 piece...a pouch and an awl case or 3 piece..adding a knife case to it.
      They are different shapes, but usually flat representations of the pieces and beaded. There is really a lot of work that can go into these.
      Then you need a drop that attaches to your choker or the back of your dress and this is either loomed or totally beaded (like applique or medallions) and that reaches to the bottom of the skirt.
      Braid ties, medallion necklace, choker and buckskin purse are usually standard. Jewelry is up to you. Feathers, plumes, feather drop, crown or heaband is all up to your tribe.
      Some Southern Buckskin wear a breastplate, but it is not really a Southern thing for women. Besides I think it detracts from your dress. One piece leggings to the knee are Southern! The fringed ones (about 12 inches of cord or buckskin fringe) are Comanche boots and are sometimes painted yellow....really pretty!
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        Sorry I read the posting wrong. I thought she said southern cloth.

        my bad... :Angel:
        The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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          I forgot to say Thank you to you both for helping out!
          Even though one got misdirected by myself. It is I who should apologize to you. LOL, I should make myself more clear

          THANK YOU!!!!!!!
          I didn't do it, honestly. I have burned all the proof.


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            You are very, very welcome!


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