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    I am planning on ordering some buckskin hides......HOw many would it take to make a dress? I am ordering the 12-14 sq. ft. white hides from crazy crow. Would 4 be enough for long fringe and the dress?
    I didn't do it, honestly. I have burned all the proof.

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    Don't know if this will help but....

    I used about 7 large hides for mine, and that was enough for the fringe too. But I'm tall (5'9") so you may only need 6 or so. Southern buckskin.

    I made a 2 piece dress: sleeveless dress and an over top. I used 2 hides for the top, one for each side. Because I'm tall I had to break up the dress into 4 pieces and sew them together around the waist area. 2 hides for the top of the dress, 2 for the bottom. Plus the attached bottom and sleeve fringe.

    If you're making a one piece dress, you may be able to get away with 4 for the body of the dress and may or may not need another for fringe. Depends. I really couldn't go by the square foot thingy much, cuz I had to see them and lay them out. But buy the biggest you can afford cuz it will definitly make it easier - rather than piecing. And remember to wet and strectch them before cutting. Not only will you not get saggy butt in the dress, but the hides will be larger and helped with the sizing for me plus made them softer. Remember leather breathes and stretches so do this step for sure. (I just soaked them in the bathtub and then wringed them out and stretched them in all directions. I then tacked them to wall in my garage to dry - be sure it gets ventilation. Tack them as close to edge as you can without tearing the hide.)

    I used one whole hide for the long fringe and side tabs, leggins...etc. and have some leftover for misc stuff, or if/when I need to replace the bottom fringe due to dirt.

    It wasn't super cheap, but looks great.
    I didn't buy mine from CC, but lucked out with a guy in upstate NY on eBay that did his own hides so I got all of them from the same lot. That's pretty important if you want them to match.

    Ladyredtailhawk can hook you up with some braintan I think. Send her a PM.

    Hope this helps.

    Hope this helps.


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      That does help.....Looks like I may need 6 hides then.....I am 5'8. oddly enough, I am the shortest one in the family....Imagine that....I am the shortest.
      Thank you so much for your info!
      I didn't do it, honestly. I have burned all the proof.


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        I agree with buying the largest matching hides you can afford. I just finished sewing my daughter's dress together; using 5 smaller hides. I got a great deal; but really had to do some work to piece the dress together. It would've been so much easier to start with larger hides. One more hide would have been nice. You need to remember; unless your making an old style dress, where the fringes are left uneven(the shape of the hide) you are going to have a lot of waste and scrap, because hides come in all kinds of shapes.


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          how many hides would i need if im 5'0 because im oin to start my buckskin this summer?!!


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            Probably 4-5 good size hides is my guess.


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              I agree.


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                Buckskin dresses

                Thanks Owlkillerwoman that was some really good info. I'm Choctaw too and so ready to get out of our tradish dress. I wanted to comply with the elders on our tradish, but now want to do buckskin.

                What did you use for your bodice, light weight cotton or do I need something a little heavier that can take the weight of the skins yet allow for perspiration?

                Did you do Choctaw tradish on your bead work? I figured I would just to avoid any problems with Cali elders. But I do love all that Bling, Bling of Northern bead work.

                Thanks for all you who answered questions, it is a major expense if done right and I don't want to blow it.



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