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  • Why?

    Why did you choose cloth instead of any other dance style? What do you love the most about dancing cloth?
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    I chose cloth because it's what my people wear.
    It was very early after contact that the abenaki as well other area tribes started wearing the different fabrics and adapting them to thier own tribal dress. So cloth has become kind of traditional.
    Mine is a two piece, wrap skirt and calico top. So theres less weight on the shoulders that a leather strap and sleeve dress would have.
    I also like that i can change the look a little by adding a different color top now and then.



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      i chose southern cloth because it represents the south (i'm chickasaw, southeastern) and because it's a genteel dance. i was a tomboy as a child, so this gives me some femininity and grace.


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        I wear the cloth version of our traditional clothing because the buckskin version traditionally did'nt wear a top LOL!! well they did in winter...or at least wore a bear robe...

        I dance southern cloth because my hubby is southern plains.
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          I Dance southern because my heart is Southern! I love Southern style drum. I love the way it makes me feel to be in the arena in my regalia knowing I am about to get down to some beautiful Southern drum singing.

          My favorite part of dancing Southern is when there is a really good song being sung and the drum honors are played and I go down with those honor beats..... and remember my mama and daddy... and I dance for them as well!

          And Southern always does that for me........:Jumping::2: :2:
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            I chose to dance southern cloth because it looks so beautiful. Just seeing those shawls sway, and during the slight bows!! Man I love it.It's no to hard, and it makes me feel good, I get pumped whenever I dance southern, its good all for me!!!:D
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