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  • What are you working on?

    As most of us here in the southeast, are gearing up for another round of pow wow season, I've been actually doing some beadwork and fancystar has done some beadwork also for herself, may start on some stuff for her son. I'm going to start on some beadwork for my boys, headband, neakties......

    Just wondering what everyone else was up to these days?
    Well will wonders never cease.....

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    I am into reconstructing my old beadwork, and getting new skirts and shawls. My goal was Gathering, but it looks like it will be Red Earth. I would like to have at lease three new ribbonwork sets to go with my one new(old) set of beadwork. I am in the process of deleting my rhinestones for three-cut beads, redoing or making new accessories and planning a complete new set of beadwork for Kinder in October. Hoping to come to 4th of July at Cherokee since they are having a cloth category and will be on vacation from my job. I am looking forward to Cherokee since I have never been to one of the east coast pow wows, except for Connecticut, and have heard that the scenery is quite beautiful there. My daughters will be dancing in my old reconstructed skirts and beadwork. (Hand me downs) I am looking forward to summer!


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      Beading! Beading! Beading!

      I have three children to bead for and myself also! I am trying to get all of our beadwork done by Red Earth! My daughter loves to have new beadwork all of the time and she keeps me and dwnsouthndn pretty busy. We have also been constructing jingle dresses (my daughter), southern cloth dresses, and a few grass dance outfits (my son). Kids......:Chatter
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        Finishing a tradish vest, aprons and side drops for this weekend. Have 6 straight dance shirts, 2 traditional style shirts with ribbonwork, 2 cowboy shirts to be ready for Red Earth. Tradish rig for my other half, new rig for my daughter who is HLD at her tribal Encampment in July, shawls, shawls, shawls, and a new rig or two for my boys (both straightdance). Also a buckskin for my daughter who graduates from nursing school in June. When I'm not sewing trying to learn beadwork and pow-wow on weekends!

        Supposed to have a couple of fancy shawl and jingle but not heard any final plans on those yet. Other than that -- not much!!


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          A WHOLE NEW REGALIA!!! Southern cloth style. I have alot of work, so I am going to take off this season with the exeption of dancing at 1 more powwow, in order to complete it.
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            Daughters won't stop growing so I am working on new regalia for both of them. New jingle dress for my youngest, and for my oldest, a new traditional dress.... only it will be the traditional style of her tribe (Odawa). She might not win any contests, because it's a little different, but I thought she should have something specific to her tribe (and she's looking forward to it, too).

            busy, busy, busy... they'll be lucky to get them for the 2003 powwow season at the rate I'm going!!
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              good for you nativewife - I think one should incorporate some part of their tribal heritage into their regalia.

              i've slowed down on making stuff, one son may or may not dance the other has two outfits -
              so we're kind of chilling
              Well will wonders never cease.....


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                Look out Luvstraightdancers, I am in desperate need of a new white ribbonwork set!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding, not desperate, maybe by Rocky Boy (end of July). Also, Edmond needs a couple of shirts by Connecticut, but we will get with you. I know you are busy getting ready for Otoe Encampment. I will try my best to not spring an outfit on you at the last minute (like, have it ready in a week) See if you can fit anything in for Prairie Island, just the strips (same time as stroud). Let me know.. All of you ladies out there, this lady can sew!!!!!!!!


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                  work... work... work

                  I've been up late for the past few weeks...

                  I have a ton of review for work. BUT I'm also trying to make some time to make...

                  1. a traditional dress for my sister (almost done)
                  2. a bag with some applique work on it (just getting started on it)
                  3. 2 ribbon shirts (got one done last night)
                  4. leggings... for my sister.. and fixing mine up
                  5. getting my traditional cloth dress ready for this season again.
                  6. a new barret, hair ties, etc...
                  7. helping my sister with her hairties
                  8. 2 vests
                  9. beading my new traditional regalia

                  PLUS.. my nephew has decided he would like to start dancing!! Oh yeah.. and my nieces said they wanna dance like "Auntie" (me). Which means.. I'll be making two traditional dresses for my 5 and 6 year old nieces. Ooh I have soooo many things to make. I don't mind though it keeps me bizee.
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                    Just started a new shawl yesterday and cut out a purse this week but am stuck on working on it. I am basically on my own on doing it and I think buckskin is too thick (this is left over from some boots). Might have to abandon this project. Oh well, I am not too crafty!
                    Becky B.


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                      In between doing my regular work at the Aquarium and helping out at the American Indian Center here in St. Louis, I have been working on a new ribbon shirt for my husband,putting together some beadwork for my 2 nieces and a new Chocatw dress for me, plus a new Jingle dress. Of course that means as soon as I get that done, I have to start the beadwork for me, and possibly my husband(but he starting to like beading for himself).;)
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                        luvstraightdancrs, When the heck are you going to sleep?? ;)


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                          Catsmeow---Don't sleep much. Too much to do. Sew till about 9PM, then try beading till 11 or midnight. Up at 6AM, two hours of coffee and then back at it! Not complaining - I love it!! Make all my daughter's regalia (southern cloth), hubby, son and our adopted boy from Canada all straightdance. Sew for several straightdancers and a couple of tradish and have done regalia for my favorite fancy dancer, RG Harris. And of course, sounds like STATE is planning on new stuff too! Am open for business as long as you don't need it before Otoe Encampment. Gotta finish my list before I take on any more. Either that or my family will be struting around in old stuff! Can't have that!!!!!

                          STATE will see you at Red Earth and you can let me know what you need then. Would be happy to sew for Edmond as well! Tell RG that his new "Saturday Night Shirts are almost finished and are KEEN!! Thanks for the compliment also!! Only trying to do what I do best!

                          Later all - sewing maching is calling -- just had an idea!!!


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                            STATE -- thanks for the little bit of warning but you know that a weeks notice works if I'm not swamped!! We've been there and done that!! Let me know at Red Earth!:D


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                              as acgal wrote earlier my niece keeps both of us busy

                              if it is not her beadwork it's a new dress(jingle)

                              I just finished up a outfit (grass)
                              still working on my baby nieces's stuff
                              trying to finish some armcuffs
                              my nephew's little outfit is looking kinda rugged, so guess we have to start up a new one.

                              and people wonder why i'm not dancing!! Just look at my sister's bay-bay kids:Chatter
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