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WHo is going to haliwa saponi powwow in hollister,NC?

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  • WHo is going to haliwa saponi powwow in hollister,NC?

    Hey everybody, are any of ya'll gonna go to the haliwa saponi powwow in hollister, NC this weekend? its the 19-21 grand entry friday is at 7pm saturday is 12 and 7 pm and sunday is 1pm. Its competition. The drum groups that are going are stoney creek,southern sun, red road, red wolf, and kautanoh jrs. There will be a drum contest. Dancers will be fed. I have no idea if they check for tribal cards but if u have one i would bring one just in case. Registration is saturday before grand entry.
    I am going to this powwow 4 the first time and it sounds like its going to be fun.


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    Ayita, go dance up a storm girl.

    good luck to everyone who is going,
    wish could go, we're having gma 83rd bday on sat.

    let us know how this one goes.

    Well will wonders never cease.....


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      It's monday and how did you do Ayita?
      Anyone else from cloth go to Haliwa?
      what are the news styles that you saw?
      Well will wonders never cease.....


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