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  • Leggings

    I made new cloth moccs and I'm having a problem with the leggings. I'm wondering what to use to hold them up? I really need help so please help me....

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    What is your style of dress, that you are making cloth mocs to go with? Generally the leggins to fancy and jingle are made tight enough around the leg that either ties or a zipper hold them up (they are stiff) Not sure how to answer your question without knowing what kind of clothes you wear.


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      If you want to make your leggings stiff, you might try using buckram (sp?). It's really stiff & will keep your leggings up. Then you might use a zipper. I found a neat idea on ebay for keeping leggings from shifting around. Somebody used wide elastic & made stirrups (like the ones on stirrup pants). I think that I will try that idea out in the future.

      Good luck with making your leggings. :)


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        When I make cloth leggings, I design the cloth side first, then I use a layer of upholstery vinyl for backing. I put both layers together and sew double-wide bias tape around the edges. It usually makes the legging pretty stiff. You can find the vinyl at Wal-Mart. :Chatter
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          Doesn't the vinyl get pretty hot?? :sweat:

          Like cats mentioned before, it really depends on the style of dress as to what type of leggings you would make. "Cloth" syle usually has softer/ not stiff leggings. So really to give an accurate answer we have to know the style of dance.
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            Not really. It all depends on how thick the vinyl is. I try to use the thinner types.
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              maybe an idea....

              I made cloth leggings for my jingle dress and used an elastic band inside the upper seam.
              So when I put it on, I make sure that the band is short below the knee, that the muscles of your lower leg is holding the legging.
              It worked for me, see for yourself.
              You can also take another band that is not elastic, and when you put the legging on you bind it around your leg!

              maybe an idea....

              see ya
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                Have any of you ladies tried to use elastic around the top and fastened by velcro. This might be able to be used with any type or weight of material.

                good luck!!!!


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                  Most leggings that I have seen with elastic at the top (inside the seam) end up looking like the stovepipe leggin, or a half pair of pants. That is just my IMHO though. The ones for fancy or jingle that have a front closure look much better. We still dont know what type dress she is making these leggings to go with, so cant really help much with how toos.


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                    Since she posted in the cloth dancing thread, I would assume that she is talking about leggings for a cloth dress.

                    I'm no expert, but from what I've seen, the cloth dresses use "loose" leggings (like the bottom of pants), while the jingle and fancy dancers use the stiff leggings.

                    I've seen cloth leggings held on with elastic at the top and velcro down the back... I've also see them with just the elastic at the top, fastened above the knee, so the cloth hangs loose. One more way I've seen them made is by using an old pair of pants.... cutting off the bottom of the pants, and sewing on the cloth for the leggings.

                    Hope this helps!

                    Good luck ;)
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                      I guess being as she had said she had made new cloth mocs, it threw me, as I have only seen cloth mocs on Fancy and Jingle dancers so far. (but I havent gotton around much lately LOL)


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