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The high stepping thing

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  • The high stepping thing

    When i went up to hollister i saw a style in southern cloth that i have never seen before. Its the step where u dance on your toes. Personally to me i think it looks horrible and just too bouncy. Well i hope ya'll know what i am talking about.
    Whats your opinion on it?

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    The only thing that comes to mind is trot dance if done incorrectly. Maybe she was trying out fancy shawl?????


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      I've seen this style a lot up here and around the north. I love it. It makes you dance harder, and I think that it makes your movement look more fluid. I dont' like seeing the dancers not dip very low, and its like they're just walking. Also, this step makes your fringe swing more gracefully. The step is like when you step forward on one foot, before you dip down, you push up slightly on your toes to make your dip look lower. Personally I like this step, and if I were a traditional dancer, I'd do this step, or dance Northern. That's just my 2 cents....


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        i had thought that this step was for the tribes out in North Carolina. you know every tribe has their own womens traditional or regions of the united dtates. like northern (south dakota,northdakota,etc.) their tribes do their style of nothern. and the crows have their own way of dancing in womens traditional. and southern women also from oklahoma. this is how i identify where the women come from. i know i liike to see all the different types of womens traditional. i just think that you should also dance the style that represents your tribe because all tribes probly have their own styles of traditional. also their own stories that go with it.

        does this hight step just originate from hollister. you know their own style?
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          Have to agree with her here, they mostly do that every where I go out my way at the bigger dances...does look really graceful!! But dang, it is a killer on old knees!!!! :( :Chatter

          you posted as i did so I thought I would add this note :Chatter

          No this is not a Hollister or a North Carolina step. It is done out west alot (Northern and Southern). It is mostly used in competition that I have seen. It seems to really be catching on here lately.
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            I've seen some do the dancing on their toes and it makes their dips look longer and more eye catching, and yes it's rough on bad knees -
            I tend to bend my knees more than to go up on my toes,
            do most take small steps? or do you take a normal step?

            Have some friends from the Mowa Band and you can tell they were taught by Ms. Loretta, so maybe some steps are local but maybe now it's catching everywhere adn everyone will dance the same who knows
            Well will wonders never cease.....


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              I don't know much about southern style of dance, but i haven't seen to many women in southern cloth dancing on thier toes.....although most of them have a very graceful dip that makes thier shawls sway beautifully!
              I'm a northern dancer, CROW STYLE to be specific & dancin' on my toes is the only way i know how! I love it, i feel that our style is very different.....i agree with a lot of you, us northerners tend to have a lil' more bounce in our step when it comes to dance styles. i can see how it could be misinterpreted as tryin' to show off or tryin' to hard when people haven't really been exposed to various steps.
              P.S. Keep in mind that a lot of the powwows on the east coast combine both northern & southern categories

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