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    What type of cloth is most commonly used in Cloth Dresses?

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    notchamama2000: What kind of garments do osage woman wear?
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        So it depend's on which tribe one is from to determine which type of cloth is used. Thank you for the help.


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          Originally posted by CandaePrincess

 not forget Gabardene

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            My backup cloth dress is made of a medium weight cotton-poly blend; the fabrics are old fashioned looking prints, and they color coordinate with each other. They also coordinate with all my buckskin accessories; so I can easily use my cloth dress when I need to.


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              This answer is...Many different types of material!!

              I went to three pow wows in the last two weeks in two different states and I've seen many cloth types. So I guess it is up to the wearer and designer. Many designs on the dresses and some just plain. This goes for Northern and Southern ladies. Many colors and mostly tee dresses. Even Northern women were sporting the tee style dresses without the gusset.

              Wool (lightweight and blanket weight, esp. the trade cloth)
              Satin (solid colors and large prints)
              Brocade (lots & lots of this for a hot day of pow wowing)
              Lightweight Polyester (this one dress had some applique Northern design on it--it was keen!)
              Georgette with a cotten underdress--had large print roses on a creame backgroun--keen also

              my sister had her daugher make her a black brocade satin dress with homemade red satin bias tape on the edges. nothing on it, I mean no applique design, shells, or anything on it. the sleeves were sorta rounded and the bottom was the kind that is used on "new" style buckskins skirts. very pretty just being plain.

              my daugher just bought me 2 yards (60" wide, about $17.00 a yard) of white polyester brocade with silver edging the flowers in the design throughout the fabric. very beautiful--gonna shine out there!

              I hope this kinda helps for you and for others too!!


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                Which do you prefer???


                And since I asked the question........

                BUCKSKIN ALLL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!

                Mine is nice soft smoked buckskin. suede side out.
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