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  • has your summer gone?

    Well, to all the cloth dancers out there, how was your dancing summer? School is starting, so I know I have to stay local now because my kids are in school.
    I had a great summer dancing!!! I traveled quite a bit and did well in competition,which is good, but I had fun. I met some new people, and got reacquainted with my pow wow friends. I did not get to Rocky Boy or Ft. Hall this year, but that's okay.
    Next year I want to go to Cherokee and California, but I am looking forward to the fall Oklahoma/Texas pow wows.
    I have some new beadwork to complete for Kinder and order a new set of ribbonwork for kInder so I am excited about that.
    Hope everyone had a safe and fun summer!!
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    Likewise.. Sltate...
    My summer was good.. didn't travel as much as I used too..but just enough.. now back to going to school at Arizona State.. time to hit those expensive books again! *sighs*
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      its been quiet. took a couple of workshops here and there. went to Virgnia Beach for a long weekend. been to a couple of pow wows. planning to go to a long weekend next weekend.


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        well in this area not alot of powwows in the summer months without alot of travel and work doesnt allow alot of time off..:( but september and october offer a few more so that is goot.. Im ready for school to start and things can get back to normal around
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