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Cherokee tear dresses

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  • Cherokee tear dresses

    Just finished making a Cherokee Tear dress for my granddaughter by using the descriptions from the articles you all quoted and the pictures posted in this site's gallery. I want to thank you for being there and since I enjoy figuring out designs for patterns, if anyone would like to discuss this or add views...I spent one night just figuring out how it could have a square gusset under the arm...this is my first pow wow regalia. My grandchild will have to do my dancing for me as I am in and out of a wheelchair. Sewing is my thing so I hope someone wants to talk about it.
    Storm Hawk

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    I swear between you, my cousin and fancystar i be so jealous of ya'lls sewing.

    and I know the tear dress is butt to make i watched my cousin and its tedious but she's good.

    so congratulations on your tear dress , have to put up a picture for us to see.

    what colors did you use?
    tell us about it
    so how long did it take to make it from first cut to last sticth?
    Well will wonders never cease.....


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      Cherokee Tear dresses

      Thanks for the ego stroke!!!

      Would you beleive that I never touched a machine until I was 25 and taught myself through awful mistakes. I still can't sew a straight line!
      The dress was for a little girl so it should not have taken the hours I put in - but...since it was work, I put tucks (like adding a hem) in the skirt body, the flounce on the bottom, and the main bodice so that I can keep taking out a row of stitching and add a inch and a half to its length with each row I take out.
      I cheated on a few things - like I put an elastic band in the waist so the same waist band will fit through growth.
      I read on here, I think, about making the upper body piece seperate from the skirt piece so that it would leave room for growth. I made it that way since it eliminated a lot of pin tucks in the upper bodice - but having loved to see Kid's in costume and regalia over the years, I then basted the top to the skirt because little girls do not have the hips to keep skirts up - This is a safety feature.!!
      I expect the fabric to wear out before she outgrows it.
      My husband chose a dark calico so dirt wouldn't show up - I used brown and green. Cut a band to cut diamonds out of for the skirt decoration and that was awful. Since I did that out of fabric when I saw how ugly it was (if authentic), I then did the sleeve bands and shoulder bands out of seam binding and made triangles. Next one will definitely be done with ribbons!!!!!!
      Storm Hawk


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