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Who's going to Kinder?

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  • Who's going to Kinder?

    Well, it is coming up again..Kinder and who is going down to grand casino coushatta?
    Last year it was a good pow wow, not as big as it usually is, but cloth was tough. The northern girls were tearing it up and flat danced awesome. I think cloth is combined again, northern and southern...though one year they did separate them at the last minute.
    We are going, my kids like this powwow though there is one in Shawnee, OK the same time.
    Well, who else is going?
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    ~Hey I am going and I hope I have fun!!!I might dance afncy or tradish!!!~
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      I am going!! I didn't make it last year because my daughter had a basketball tournament the same time but we are there this year!!!
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        I know there is a big powwow in washington that same weekend too, It is supposed to pull a lot of drums and dancers, but ill be at Kinder.


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          Not going this year. I have to work, but that's okay. My family will be headed to Shawnee, OK, that same weekend.
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