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    Please, can you help me, again.

    I have only been dancing about two years. When I first begin
    I was told, your steps are first the ball of your foot, then
    the heel.
    I thought, I had gotten this down, pretty good.
    I loved the few grand entries, I was in so much, I did not
    notice no one else was making steps like me. confused:
    Until last week end, I went to Marksville, La.
    It was beautiful, I did not dance, of course.
    To my shocking eyes, none of the ladies was dancing
    like that , poor me. Can you imagine how I felt
    after this time???
    One more time, PLEASE, Now you tell me.
    I want to know the graceful way, of those ladies.
    And Oh, that is Southern Dance.:
    thanks, again

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    My daughter dances Southern Cloth and dances more flat footed than the ball of the foot thing. Everyone has their own style and own footwork. But most of the ladies down here dance flat footed. The ball of the foot and then heel to me is more of a northern step, ...

    Then again -- I may be wrong. Maybe more will answer, I can only tell you how my daughter dances. When I dance it is also flat footed. Not hard and heavy, but light and with grace.


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      I myself dance in the more flat footed style. Bending at the knee gives the up and down motion, with a straight back, not swinging the shoulders. I see a lot of men doing the ball/heel step, looks akward to do to me. Hope that helped.


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        The way I was taught is the same way Catsmeow described. More flat footed with the bend in the knees to give the sway; back straight and shoulders still.:42:
        No matter where you go, there you are.


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          Thanks, so much.
          Went to Livingston, Tx. Pow Wow, danced
          a little.
          You have been most helpful, {as usual.}


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            Hey! Went there too!! I really enjoyed myself! It was a lot cooler than in previous years. :)
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