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Color of Blackfeet Dress?

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  • Color of Blackfeet Dress?

    Hi all, My daughter is asking if anyone can give us information on the colors a Blackfeet dress would be. Thanks:Angel2
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    First I would have to ask, do you mean Blackfeet or Blackfoot, as they are two different tribes that people sometimes get confused. And second, what type of dress are you speaking about? Are you talking trade cloth?
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      I'm guessing its the Blackfoot Nation (Kainah, Pikuni, etc) of Montana and Alberta. Basically you can use trade wool, corduroy or velveteen in a dark color to make a "wing" dress. Traditional colors were dark navy, red, dark green, maroon or black. Blackfoot cloth dresses are fairly well represented in museum collections so search the Internet and your local library for photos.


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        Blackfoot dress color?

        I believe it to be Blackfoot from Montana. She has made a cloth dress of navy & purple calico. She wants to make one that she knows is Traditional. This information is VERY helpful. We don't have too much information about her heritage as, Lucinda Parham, her 2nd great grandmother died young. On the other hand I am interested in learning more of my heritage, Chreokee. I have made 2 Tear dresses, I'm wondering if there are any other dresses they wore, and what style buckskin they wore. Thanks for any help and information you can give me!!!!!!!!!
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        May the warm winds of Heaven blow softly on your home, and the Great Spirit bless all who enter there.


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          There is this book I have here about the Cherokees. I think its caled the Cherokee Indians or something. Anywayz, it has pics of some dresses they wore, like the buckskin dress and stuff, you should get a copy of it. I'm sure they have it at your local library. I'll go get my book and let you know the author and all later. Bye!


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            :) Hello, I am Blackfeet! Blackfeet are In MT. Blackfoot is in Canada. We are not the same tribe, many believe we use to be the same tribe before the goverment came and put up boundries lines. I just finish my daughter a tradinal dress made of off white muslin beaded with red and blue beads a wave across the top from end of sleeve to end of sleeve front and back with cowrie shells -365, You may want to purchace two books that I use all the time author is Beverly Hungry Wolf she has written 2 she is blackfoot but we have the same language and customs. Find out what kind of dance she wants to do, I would suggest Tradinal first. I work the old grandmother ways, this color suggestion is not up to the child, the child can only suggest what she likes, the older women of the family make the final dession, based on dreams, what the child is like and what will fit her personality. My daughter's dress turned out beautifull! The orignal colors of cloth dress was dark blue, red, or black, the bead colors were dark mauve almost purple, black, white and some red, most dresses were made of a red wool. best of luck!


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