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When did you start dancing?

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  • When did you start dancing?

    When did all of you start dancing or start dancing tradtonal?? I started dancing when i was 5 years old. So all of ya'll give me your 2 cents. Oh yeah when was your first powwow? etc.....


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    I started out traditional dancing when I was 9 and my first powwow was Chamber's Farm Powwow, which used to be the most popular one to go to.
    Don't ever stop dancing


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      If you were 9, it wasn't Chambers back then. Dancing when I was about 4. And that's too long ago to count.


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        Late start

        I didn't start dancing until my 20s. Grandparents did not carry on the traditions. When I found out that I was part Indian and I wanted to learn more. Because we did not have a large or publicly known NDN population, it took me a long time to start learning how to dance. Still learning today.
        No matter where you go, there you are.


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          I started dancing at a very young age that I don't recall how old I was. I started out traditional and then went to fancy shawl but now I am back to traditional!! :Chatter
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            like choctawgirl - i didn't start till in my 20's
            did not grow up with pw's
            but once i went - i was in and have danced ever since
            Well will wonders never cease.....


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              i started dancing traditional when i was about 12. I danced traditional when i first started when i was about 2 but when i got a little older i tried fancy shawl out for awhile. The first pow wow i danced at when started to dance traditional was St. Francis River Pow Wow in farmington ,Mo.


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                My way was paid in when i was 13. I started fancy shawl, still do, every now and then i do buckskin and cloth.. (when im feeling froggy..ayyeeee) The first dance i remember going to was the Wichita International in kansas, of course i was so young at the time, i was more interested in the playground nearby, than the ah memories.. :bouncy:


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                  My first POW WOW was when I went to College in Minneapolis MN. I was awaken by the Drums which was right across the road being played. This was about 10 to 12 years ago.

                  I did not start danceing until just last year.

                  About 3 years ago I started my search for my Native American Ancestors. I have found out that my 2nd great Grandfather is a Member of the Northern Cherokee Nation Of The Old Lausinaa (sorry spelling is not good at all) Nation.

                  I dance in honor of my ancstors. I just wish I new of the old ways but it is always an honor to be in the circle which my ancestors which danced at.

                  Wado and many blessing to all!

                  Little White Dove:Angel2
                  Little White Dove
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                    I haven't started dancing yet and im 16, but I'm in the process of making my regalia, and should be out there soon. I can't remeber how old I was at my first pow wow, so I guess I've been goin' a while. Wish me luck on dancing and if you have any advice please help. I have plenty of questions that I'm going to post for the wise to answer. thanks :Angel2


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                      DANCIN' SINCE WAYYYY BACK!!!

                      My momz & Kaale had me outfitted before I could even WALK! So I suppose I could say I been dancin' since I could walk!
                      "I'm so fresh and you so not..." ~ Dvera


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                        My kids were about 10 I think -- wanted to be sure that this was something they really wanted to do and understood. Both are still dancing today (still blowing me away)!!!! They are awesome.

                        I was dressed 5 years ago. Still dance today but spend most of my time making regalia for the family and friends and even some paying customers!! LOL!


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