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    This goes along with the thread about dance steps. I was not formally taught this, I picked it up after observations, but I am getting confused . I noticed when after the Drum starts planning the Honor Beats, the ladies dancing tradiational bow toward the Drum and start walking a "snake-like" pattern. Now, I have watched many competetions and the different ladies will walk the bowed in this pattern for different numbers of steps(I have seen 8-24 step taken). Is there a proper number? Is there a certain music phrase the ques the number of steps?

    Totally confused.

    :dontknow: :Help
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    The kiowa lady that taught me said 4 in 4 out.


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      That is what I see the most often. I have seen some that bow so low and they do it for maybe ten in and ten out. Looked really awkward to me.

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        I was taught 4in 4 out as well, but have also seen many more done, during competitions. Some of those women give new meaning to the phrase, "how low can you go". :)


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          Thank you all for your sharing your knowledge:)
          No matter where you go, there you are.


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            I was also taught 4 in and 4 out...not counting the ones in- between changing directions. :)
            My tongue got wrapped around my eye teeth, and I couldn't see what I was saying...


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              just adding my two cents, taught 4 in, 4 out as well


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