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  • Different styles.

    Can someone please explain to me why the Cherokee pow wow had ladys southern cloth and buckskins dancing together for Compatation. I know that I am new to dancing but I dont understand that reasoning. We are to difference styles or Iam i wrong. Is it always that way and I just havent noticed. Seems a little unfair to me.
    Can someone please explain

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    they split northern and southern dancers, wether skins or cloth
    there were only two women out there for cloth the rest where skins

    I guess it got confusing for the cloth cause they went out for northern comp then southern comp right after that.

    but in the hand out and the sign ups it stated northern and southern,
    skins and cloth would be together

    so there shouldn't have been confusion as to which N or S you would dance in
    Well will wonders never cease.....


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      A lot of times some committees set a minimum of dancers for that competition. If there are not 3 or 4 dancers in cloth or buckskin they the categories are combined. Same with grass and fancy, jungle and fancy shawl, straight and tradish. It is usually posted on their flyer or in competition rules.


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        well the sign up was spli northern ladies and southern ladies
        not into buckskin and cloth northern southern

        it was buckskin northern and cloth northern together
        and buckskin southern and cloth southern together
        and there were plenty of dancers to go to four places
        Well will wonders never cease.....


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          That is not cool. That is why I did not go to the Memorial Day dance because cloth was combined with buckskin. Now at Schemitzen, there are several places and the breakdown is very good, so it is worth going after. But if it just the usual, then it is not worth it. Buckskins always take it because when people judge they do judge on the regalia and not just the dancing. That is just the way that it is and when you know that, then you can decide whether to go or not. Now, on the 4th at Cherokee, they have it stated on the flyer that cloth is separate and that will be a good contest to check out. But in reality, the categories should be separate, especially at a Southern pow wow. They are just two different categories, plain and simple. It is like mixing fancy and grass or straight and traditional.


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            I agree with STATE. Combining categories is unfair. I understand if there are not a lot of dancers but in the real world - buckskin and feathers will win over cloth and straight. So pick your contest wisely.

            Each category has their own style, song and dress. Let each dancer dance their own style - in their own category.


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              Please , no offence.

              Delta ,

              I didnt not mean to make any offence.

              I very much enjoyed the dance. Please understand that I am very new to dancing and have had to learn as I go as I have no one to teach me. I am learning by asking question. I admit I didnt read the flyer clearly and therefor didnt understand , but that Ok because I have learned from it. It was very much a plesure just to be there and dance on land that my relatives walk on and danced many many years ago. Something that our family didnt think was possible. Thanks everone for the help.


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                sorry if i come off to strong about the dance

                but it did state when you sign up to compete
                northern and southern split,
                not buckskin or cloth split

                but yes this coming 4th should be bigger and better than memorial

                once again apologize for writing harsh words, was jsut trying to clarify the split
                Well will wonders never cease.....


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                  Different Styles

                  Rainbow, don't get discouraged. You will win in your category one day and be judged fairly. In the meantime, ya gotta dance a lotta big and small pow wows, see all kinds of strange things going on and endure heat, sore muscles, accessories falling off, people taking your photo when you least want them to, helpful dancers, snooty dancers, and sometimes unfair judging.

                  When you feel unjustly judged, try to keep in mind that there are things going on among the judges, things going on in the organizing committee, and things going on around the arena that you may not be aware of. These goings on can affect the judging. Also, it may be that you did not dance your best that day or you didn't stand proud, or you made tiny mistakes. Experienced judges will catch every little thing.

                  People can play favorites sometimes, just because they know a competitor and they don't know you. That's okay. Just hold your head up high and smile. Be gracious. Be very good at your dance. Eventually, you will be noticed, remembered, and your excellence will be rewarded. You will gain a reputation along the way. So, make sure it is a good one and not a bad one!

                  I say all of this to help you understand the process. It's not just a matter of putting on a pretty outfit and doing a good dance. It's also your attitude, your attention to detail, and your reputation that's on the line. Women who compete a lot get used to all the stuff that goes on and simply focus and dance their very best. You'll do fine, so keep trying!
                  :Rainbow :Rainbow :Rainbow
                  Shawl Lady


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                    I thank you so much for your input. I am always greatful for advise. I do have one question.

                    An elder told me that the honor beats depend on the style of the drum, ex northern or southern. I have notice some drums have seven beats and some three. I really didnt pay attentain untill she said this. I did go to a small powwow in WV and the drum only had the seven drum beats in there songs.. Needless to say, again I was confussed... lol

                    Rainbow( aka ,miss confussed) lol


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                      Yep, there is variance between Northern and Southern Drum on this, as well as on the kind of song it is. I have found that it doesn't matter. I just feel the drumbeats going up from the Earth and into my legs and up into my heart. Just feel it with your whole being. Drumbeat = heartbeat.

                      Also, some drums you may notice put a little humor in and they'll try to "trick" the dancers with an extra set of beats like they are winding up the song, then they will give a big WHOMP WHOMP and go around again. Be aware of where they are in the song and where it is going and be ready to suddenly stop if the drum is being a bit sly. You can't be out there daydreaming or worrying about how your hair looks!

                      After a few hundred dances, you probably won't think about it, you'll just do it as naturally as breathing. Okay, I know that's not much help for your competition purposes. But one thing that judges look for is a dancer who is one with the music, as well as how confidently they hold themselves, and how the dancer moves around the circle. It is not enough to be counting beats. You must feel the drum in your body and in your heart.

                      Yes, of course, your dance must be absolutely perfect. Each movement must be done properly, just as you were taught. With practice, focus and experience, it comes more naturally. It will give you a lot of pleasure to know you are dancing well and your joy will show in your dance! You get "extra points" for dancing for JOY, dancing in the spirit, if not from the judges, then from the people around the circle.

                      If you have some confusion about the honor beat at a particular pow wow or in a particular song, seek out an elder and talk with them about it. They will help you to understand what is going on and it will suddenly seem so easy.

                      Enjoy yourself! I know you will continue to improve and your love of the dancing will grow and you will win many prizes. Remember to dance from your heart!

                      Shawl Lady


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                        Thanks for being so kind and sharing your knowledge.
                        I hope to meet you someday.


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                          You're welcome. It would be terrific to meet sometime. Let me know if you come to Northern California. Best of luck in your competing!
                          Shawl Lady


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