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    is there a site you can get a pattern for cloth outfit patterns and what kind of things you need to add to your outfit? does anybody dances in oklahoma pow wows, hey let me know thanks.

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    Crazy Crow carries the Missouri River patterns for Southern Plains womens' dresses.


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      Funny you should ask, I was just looking up different sites about this very thing. :D
      I went under "Google" and typed in Plains Indian Cloth or Ribbon Dress or Shirt. That got me quite a few sites. I'm working on finishing a dress that my sister started so I wanted to see pictures of finished ones. I don't have a pattern.
      The patterns you will find are Missouri River. You will find prices from $6.95 to $11.95. If this is the pattern you want, I personally think it would be a lot simpler to just go through Crazy Crow. They usually are in stock and they are a reputable company.
      Simplicity also has a pattern that is nice. I hate to say it but it is in with the Halloween costumes. It would be less expensive and is easier to understand and follow. I find the instructions on the Missouri River patterns hard to follow and are incomplete for the beginner.


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        Have seen the Simplicity garbage. Crazy Crow or Writtenheritage carry Misouri at good prices. If you have never sewn they
        might be confusing in places but make adjustments then make a muslin pattern if it is something you are going to use again and


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          The Simplicity "Garbage" is just a plain T-type dress, very simple, very easy. I'm talking about the plain base dress.

          And Beth, if you are looking at the way they use hokey garbage to decorate, then I agree.


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