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anybody from oklahoma?

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  • anybody from oklahoma?

    is anybody here in oklahoma dances in southern cloth, i need to know whats involved in details and outfit accessories what i need to get, let me know and well get together. thanks

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    What you are asking is not clear. There are different styles of "southern cloth". You have to know what style that represents, the particular tribe you are interested in. Then you can see about what you need. The best way to see the different styles is to watch the dance videos, look in "good" books and best of all attend powwows. Talk to knowledgeable people. Best advice, if you see something that is really "unique" and "different" do not go by that!!! ASK,ask, ask!!! as many people as you can find.
    Gather the info first then materials last, you'll never be sorry. ;)


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        I don't claim to be from Oklahoma (my disclaimer), but I am a leeeeeeeeeeetle' bit familiar with the "does and dont's" of dance regalia.

        Let's start at the beginning? What tribe are you? Since you are from the state of the 2000 National College Football Champions(the Sooners), I think it is somewhat safe to assume you have lineage from one of the state's 39 tribes. (Most Okies claim they are/or part Indin').

        Each tribe has distinct clothing, patterns and accessories that accompany their tribal clothing. As a rule, southern cloth clothing is tribally proprietary. Thus, permission to wear a tribe's clothing needs to be given through tribal affiliation, established relationships or being dressed by recognized members of that particular tribe. Most Southern Plain's tribes have a recognition ceremony when a person enters the dance arena for the first time. I think the correct n-d-n term is, "Paying your way into the arena." This will include a giveaway, so start savin' your pennies.

        If this cannot be achieved, I suggest that you try assembling the regalia for a fancy shawl dance outfit. The restrictions with this style of dance clothing is not so tribal specific (and will keep you from getting scolded and jerked around in public, from an offended elder).

        In any case, if you are set on a southern cloth outfit, be extremely careful not to mix and match different tribal regalia.

        That's my advice . . . n Ima stikin' to it! :D

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          I definitely agree with POW-WOWER. Whatever you do, do it CORRECTLY! If you are dancing Southern, stick to your own tribal dress. If you don't belong to a tribe...make friends with somebody and be introduced to an elder and then ask their permission. Above all be respectful!!! When asking advise....listen, listen, listen. Powwower was absolutely, right when she said that you run the risk of being scolded and JERKED out of the arena.
          My boyfriend's Kagoo (Grandmother) was famous for doing that, but she was just trying to preserve the dignity of NDN ways!!
          There are very few substitutes for the real regalia items so stick to what is correct!!
          If you want specific help after you have decided on what tribal cloth dress you will wear, ask any of us to help you too. I only know Kiowa and Comanche cloth...but I have Pawnee and Otoe and many other friends that I can ask.


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            i agree with powwower i have danced since i was 4 and danced tradtional for 10 years. The elders who took me under there wing were from the cherokee and flathead tribes. I am michef and cherokee and understand the ways of dancing tradtional. First off never , never ever wear something that does not belong on your outfit or that is outside your tribe! You will be yelled at and corrected my elders.At age 5 you are scared out of your mind when a elder comes up behind you and corrects you.Like i don't know what tribe you are from but stick with your tribe and repersent
            ~AYITA~ :D
            ~NATIVE PRIDE~


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