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  • Sister starting dancing

    My younger sister is starting to dance So. Cloth. She has her dress and shawl, and also leggings and moccs and a belt. She is making a breastplate and hairties, although I will probably end up making the hair ties. We know she still needs the fan, but what about other accessories? A beaded crown might be in the future.

    Any replies are appreciated. Thanks,

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    If the fan is not feasible at this time, make a purse. It is a nice accessory to
    have no matter what. It takes less time than a fan to do. How about some barrettes til a crown is possible. A nice rosette
    to hold a feather in her hair.


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      I would have to say beth is right.You can also have barratte hold a plum which looks real pretty.The purse is very easy to make I've made many with my mother. I think i still have the pattern i'll have to look. If you want to you also can order some accessories at crazy crow. Thats where i get alot of my accessories. :)


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