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    Hello from Oklahoma!

    I am currently in the works for making me a crow elk teeth dress. Since I am down south, Im not close to my roots to really have anyone with a lot of knowledge to help me on this. I was wanting to make it dk. purple , with fuschia collar and sleeve ends.. but my aunt says i need my first one to be traditional (dk. blue with red collar). Also should there be a specific number of teeth? (like a jingle dress). Also would it be Ok to make it out of broadcloth instead of trade cloth? Any help would be really appreciated! :)

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    We were at Crow Fair last year and stayed with the Old Elk family. I was curious about the women's dresses and was told that there are specific meaning behind the dress. Here's what little I know.

    If using real elk teeth - they only use the two eye teeth. The number depends on why or who gave you the dress. It is a symbol of affection or pride. I was told that if there are alot of teeth on the dress the husband is a good provider, good hunter.

    I would wear one only if it was given to me or I was Crow. I was told that not just any woman can wear that style of dress.


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      Thanks for the Info! I havent been able to make it to Crow Fair yet, hoping to go this year.


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        Just outta curiousity, are you of Crow decent? or do you just like the style of dress?
        luvstraightdncrs is right, The elk tooth dress is our traditional style of dress. We pride ourselves on our dresses, for one, they are UNIQUE to us and are made by family memebers for family members.
        There are non-Crows that have them, but have them because they were given to them by someone close or an adopted family member.

        Just addin' some info
        *BE EASY*


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          yes, i am part crow, which is one of the reasons i would like to have one, to show my pride in my descent. But growing up in the south i have lost ties to my roots, which is why i am seeking advice. :)


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