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How were you introduced into the circle?

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  • How were you introduced into the circle?

    How were you introduced into the circle? At your first powwow did you do anything speacial before entering in?

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    I had a special dance and big give away.
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      Brought both of my kids out at their annual encampment. Clan elder placed my daughters plume on her and another elder brought my son into the arena. Had a special song (clan song) for each and giveaway.

      When I was dressed my family had a song and giveaway also.
      After my FIL passed we sat for a year and had a memorial dance when we were ready to come back into the arena.

      Wonderful ways!!!


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        My wife and I introduced our younguns when they were Infants. Both boys and both girls. As they all came of age they were re-introduced to the drum so they now can dance on their own. The girls had their crossing ceremonies into womanhood and both boys were roached into manhood. All were given their eagle feathers at this time.
        Our Granddaughters were introduced when they were born also. Hopefully they will be given their rites of passage when they start their womanhood time. We believe this is a very important time in their lives. They may not like the ceremonies at the time but important non the less. Our youngest daughter was so nervous the night before the ceremony began, she almost made herself ill.



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            This past spring, we brought my sister-in-law into the cirlce, it was a beautiful ceremony!
            First my mom dressed her from head to toe in a Crow buckskin dress & all "trimmings"
            Then when it was time for our special, one of my clan uncle's brought her into the arena and sang a praise song as she walked in front of him, we all followed quite a few paces behind.
            My auntie named her & welcomed her into our family. Then we had a big give away, after it was over, everyone came to welcome her & congratulate was pretty cool!
            She was a nervous wreck, very shy, and worried, but she looked so beautiful in her new outfit you couldn't even tell!!!

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