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    In new mexico, women dance this style walking. But when I went to Kansas all the women stood in one place and dipped. I just followed everyone else but noticed it burnt the heck outta my calves. Whats the correct way to dance this style? I thought it was only the southern womens cloth that danced this style in a walk. I didnt win cuz I wasnt used to the style:Mad but hey, theres a first time for everything, eh?:)
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    Were the ladies you saw wearing ribbonwork outfits? I ask because there are a few Woodland tribes that dance Northern style and wear ribbon skirts very similar to the ones worn by some Southern cloth dancers.


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      I have seen northern dancers do both, I think it is mostly a preference of how you want to dance
      if you know most of the women will go around the circle, thens ome will stay in place and scrub, not alot scrub as you have found out it kills your legs....

      If you tend to move about the circle it is a little more noticble to judges cause then they can compare the scrubbers to the movers
      whos in time, whos on the honor beat

      if its a good PW and good judges then sometimes they will come over and check the spot where scrubbers danced to look for heel marks
      Well will wonders never cease.....


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        as far as i know the women who dance in place are from the northern plains regions. At first i thought it was only sioux women, but it's also the traditional style of some of our canadian sisters.
        I believe, the stationary dance is the true old style of womens traditional. Back when powwows began women didn't dance in the circle but stayed on the outside as an honor to the men or "war dancers".
        There are so many tribes who have thier own style of dancing now a days you can't really say it's just one certain tribe that dances in place & one certain tribe that "walks" in the circle. Who's to say what style a person is dancing is right or wrong, unless you possess the universal knowledge of all tribes & their traditional powwow styles.......HAHAHA!

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