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  • Ponca skirt/ blouse

    I am looking for some help with making a Ponca style skirt and blouse. Basically I need to know if I have the whole idea right.So any help would be appreciated. So here goes:
    A skirt of dark blue tradecloth, ribbonwork around the hem. (no ribbonwork down the center panel right?)This skirt can be pull-on and not wrap style, right?
    A silk blouse, middy collar in back. Is it okay to put on the German Silver small brooches? Can this blouse also be lace sleeves?
    What about leggins? None right? and short stlye mocs? Can these have ribbonwork tops?
    Is breastplate okay? or none?
    Okay now that I've proven my ignorance :D I hope someone can help. Thank-you.

    P.S. Does Ponca style have the ribbon drop from the neckline in back?
    Gray Fawn (usgolv sagoniga wana)

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    Let's start with the blouse. It can be silk, lace, satin, taffeta, etc. with the middy collar. There are no leggings. For awhile the hightop style of boot with the long fringe was popular with the short form of the skirt. Now the women seem to be leaving the legs bare and wearing moccs.
    Have not seen ribbonwork on this style.
    Breastplates are popular. So are rosettes hung on hairpipe and bead necklace, and
    pounds of long beads( the name went out the mind at the minute), and have seen some
    southwest jewelry worn.
    There are is a ribbon drop down the back.
    This can be done several ways and fastened with a pin. They used to use the big flashy ones from the flapper age with big stones. :)


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      So is this a wrap skirt or a pull-on? And no ribbonwork???
      Do you mean on the moc's or the skirt?

      What about the German Silver brooches?
      Thanks, Fawn
      Gray Fawn (usgolv sagoniga wana)


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        You have not answered one very important question that I emailed you privately. I will now ask it here. Why do you want to wear this style of clothing.


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          Beth, I did not get your e-mail, my mail server has been down for over a week. Here is an alternate if you would still like to discuss this privately.

          [email protected]
          Gray Fawn (usgolv sagoniga wana)


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