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    I have been attending pow wows across the Southeast and Southern Plains for the past 4 years and have noticed a difference in some Cloth Dancers. When dancing Southern Traditional, do the women raise their fans during honor beats or do they bow at the waiste in the direction of the drum? If they bow to the drum, do they turn completely around if the drum is behind them? In some areas the women lift their fans to their eyes, bend at the waiste and dance to the inside of the circle. If this is correct, how many steps into the center is one supposed to take?


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    I was told 4 steps in and 4 steps out. Raise the fan in a smooth manner until you have come to the eyebrows on the 4th step and in the same smooth manner lower it to waist high
    on the 4 steps out. Do not put the fan above your head and bob with it there forever. Some Indian wpman brought the new age garbage to this state along with which side you put you hair feather or wear your shawl donates whether you are married or not. The last was extra. :D


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      I completly agree with BETH on all counts.
      You do see the FAn going up in the air with other styles of dance....jingle and some Northern plains.
      But it was never the style with cloth dancers.


      Goo morning beth....I am awake now. Looking at your new computer.


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        I got some days off I went silly. 31 days
        is tooooooooo much.


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