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  • What are judges looking for?

    I know that question have been asked a million times but for us new comers.

    when dancing cloth, Please advise me what are the dos and dont's. I am told I never smile and should??? When to honor the drums? The hard part is not to get so wrapped up in the sound the these drums and miss a step. Oops. lo

    I just love that sound.

    Thanks sister, You all always have get advise.

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    In time to the music You can tell by the way the shawl fringe swings.
    Honor beats (the hard beats either three or two)
    You outfit of course.
    Try to forget you are being judged and enjoy the song.


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      Im gonna be honest!!!

      :) Hey, when I judge, I look for the ones who can keep time with the drum. If your stationary *bending at the knees and staying in one spot* Make sure your back is straight and you bend your knees but push from your ankles. If your walking, make sure your shawl is off the floor, bend your knees but keep your feet close together and keep small steps. Also, WORK ON YOUR OUT FIT!! Judges like to see hard work on your regalia because it shows that you take pride in what you do! AND, Dont smile, smile afterwards, when your legs are aching! he he he!:p
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        "Try to forget you're being judged and enjoy the song."

        I like that.:)


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          Staying in time with the drum, knowing your song, stop on time and DON'T move your arm to make your fringe swing -- it comes for the bending of your knees. You should also be able to control the shawl as well. The last thing I look at is clothing - it's the dance that you are being judged on - not how well dressed you are.


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