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  • Kiowa Dress

    just read the new whispering wind and they had an interesting article about the kiowa battle dress anyone else read it?

    great pictures of the dress
    and history of the dress, guess what there were womenwearing a headdress in the pictures also.
    something new everyday!
    Well will wonders never cease.....

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    But also remember in that article that we do not have permission to copy that dress. It was a very informative item and I am glad to see it printed.



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      Actually, Deltadawn...women wearing headdresses is NOT new. As the article stated, it is handed down through families and has been going on for quite some time. I believe that Mr. Ruminator posted a photo in the gallery (historical) of some Comanche women wearing headresses.

      The Comanche have a similar dress - blue with red sleeves and gusset down the sides. They call it a "mad dress" or a "red sleeve."


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        i did not say the headress were new, i said I learn something new everyday, sorry for the misunderstanding seeing how cherokees didn't have headdresses of the sort(except for the new pink ones that tourists purchase here)

        and yes one should not copy those dresses
        but i liked the article and thought i'd bring it to peoples attention

        Like i tried to say before the dress was something i learned that was new to me, and had an explanation to the behind the why?
        Well will wonders never cease.....


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          Women wearing war bonnets is a special occasion here in OK, and I hear it's the same way up north. For example, Wallace Coffey (former Comanche chairman) & his wife held a dance for their daughter last year when she graduated from college. An elder, who has the right, did put a bonnet of her then, as an honor. You don't generally see women going around wearing bonnets at a pow-wows here. I'll have to check out the article, hadn't seen it yet.
          Janet Littlecrow
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            The article was about the black dress, the headdress is an aside
            but most of the pictures did have women in headdresses.
            Well will wonders never cease.....


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