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Northern Traditional or Cloth?

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  • Northern Traditional or Cloth?

    Since it is stated that cloth dancing is a Southern style of dance, What categorie does Women's Northern Cloth fit into? I am referring particularly to the Eastern Woodlands style of dancing. Our shirts and skirts have detailed applique work on them and are similar to the cloth outfits described in theis category. I was just wondering why there was a destinction made in Southern vs. Northern Cloth dancing. If anyone has any thoughts...please email me.

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    this site is for both northern and southern dancers

    it just says cloth

    So if you are a northern dancer but wear cloth then this is the place for you too, are you also a smoke dancer?
    I think from reading other pow wows this is growing to be including at a lot of pow wows now. I know we had a quick comp here for the 4th only four women though.

    It was great to watch
    Well will wonders never cease.....


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      I believe we refer to the womens southern cloth because our women dance to the southern drum.

      What is a smoke dancer?

      Stomp 'til sun up!!!!!!


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        Cloth dancing is not entirely a southern style of dancing. Many northern tribes wear cloth.

        The Smoke Dance is originally a war dance, which is danced by men only. The Smoke Dance is a recent creation. While not considered a Earth Song (Social Song), is has recently gained popularity because of Smoke Dance Contests. Over the past few decades while putting on "Shows" or exhibitions of Iroquoian Singing and Dancing, some singers sped up the tempo of the old "War Dance "songs to see if the dancers could keep up. The result is the 'Smoke Dance. During Smoke Dance Contests, both the new faster and older slower "War Dance" songs are sung for the men's contests while the women dance to faster songs only.

        Sung by a solo singer using only a water drum. Some singers have choosen to use a skin drum, to give the beat a deeper sound.

        Men are said to dance with a amount of arrogance & pride, while women dance a more graceful style.

        The style of dance varies greatly per dancer.
        Don't ever stop dancing


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          hey thanks for the smoke dance info, didn't really know the behind the reason stuff.

          where did it originally start(what tribe)? I know its a northeastern tribe like ojibway or i forget.... help

          but this forum is for both northern and southern dancers
          Well will wonders never cease.....


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            Thankyou for the feedback, it is good to know that northern dance styles are recognized. I do not smoke dance and until I read the replies to my question I had never heard of it. It it known by any other names?


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              I think it started with the Seneca, I'm not sure though. I only know it as the Smoke Dance.
              Don't ever stop dancing


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                these web pages have sound clips for the Smoke Dance





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