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    Just read about Frank Liske PW coming up and thought huh what does one do to be a princess, i thought the committees picked out the girls.... little do I know, so I'm asking people here

    what doyou do to be a PW Princess?

    And have you been one ?
    Been a Princess
    Not been a princess
    Well will wonders never cease.....

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    When Kim became princess of Liske, there was an elder of the Ponca tribe there helping. She didn't have any questions for her.
    But the elder told her what she would expect from a princess in OK. When she went to dances help where wver she could. Welcome people to the dance, even if it is not the one you represent. Be on time as often as possible. The big thing is help whereever and whenever you can. If you see someone struggling with what they have, help. If you see someone in a wheelchair or having a hard time getting to the meal, ask if you can get their meal for them. These may not seem like a lot but judges from other dances and people that never know if they are going to be a judge, watch the girls at times you would not think of. Also watch what you say, you never know who is around to hear a nasty comment about another dancer. I don't care how good they can dance. They just lost points or went down a few grades.


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      The Coharie and NCNAYO princess pagents are just like a miss nething pagent, they have a talent evening wear and reglia plus they had to answer a question on stage and i think they had an interview before the comp started. i guess they choose from that i unno there could be more but im thinkin of runnin soon :49:


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        I've been a PW Princess twice

        1994-1995 Panther Bend Senior Princess, Dade City, Florida
        1998-1999 Cherokee of Georgia Princess, St. George, Georgia

        For both, registration was early in the morning and you to be dressed in your regalia. Shortly after the afternoon Grand Entry or afternoon dance session they took us aside and interviewed us. Then we danced and they broke for dinner. The ladies who interviewed us all gathered somewhere to discuss who they liked the best. Then later on after the evening Grand Entry, they announce the runner-up and the new Princess. And the give you the crown and a shawl, and sometimes a sash.

        But now down here, there is no prestige in being Princess. Now they let the vendors decide who wins, the girls fight with each other over who should win the crown,their regalia is just any old thing, and the crown is totally made of cloth and glitter and droops down. Its really sad.
        Don't ever stop dancing


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          Last year we let some girls that were just a year or 2 too young sit in on what was asked of the girls running. I do not see any problem with letting adults here this also. They are part of a princesses reign too. She needs the support of her family. It is not a one person effort.


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            I have been in a few pageants in my life. The first one, I had no idea I was entered until my cousin dropped the bomb. :p It turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I was given the title and I went on to represent my family, my community and my people in other pageants. Currently, I'm a "First Attendant"... it was close... but I'm proud to say that I had the highest points for personal interview.

            The "format" of the pageants were basically all the same. It took place over 3-4 days. The ladies go through a dance competition, a private interview, public speaking, a talent show, and in a couple of them we had to sell a certain amount of raffle tickets. In one of the pageants, the talent portion was divided into contemporary and traditional. Our Traditional talent had to reflect our tribes custom and traditions. Contempory talent could be anything such as singing, storytelling, etc.. At the talent show, we were also judged on our public speaking ability. Each contestant was asked one question and there was a one minute time limit to give a response. In addition to the question, we had a five minute time limit to discuss a Native Issue. The talent show was the big nite.

            Of course, throughout the pageant, judges/organizers/pow wow committee/etc paid close attention on how we presented ourselves, and how we interacted with fellow contestants and the public. "Eyes and ears" were all over.

            It's a lot of work. If I had to do it again, I would. I had tons of fun at these pageants. I have made some really good friends along the way. I always thought pageants "weren't my thing" but once I was in.... I looked at them in a whole different perspective. For one, they help with building up your confidence! I was always terrified of public speaking and now.. I get jittery but.. I go out there and give it all I got. It was truly an honour respresenting my people.

            I hope that answers your questions delta dawn.
            ~* Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you're up to *~


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              I've been a princess for two organizations here in OK....the first one the group selected me, and the second one, I had to go through an interview, and I guess my answers won them over. It's a tough job, in my opinion. I was never allowed to walk around at a dance, just had to sit there. I was always dancing, which is good I guess...kept me out of trouble. I also ran for Jr. Miss Indian Oklahoma , and won 2nd runnerup. That was an all out pageant, and we went through several events that day, interviews, tribal greetings, tribal dress, scholastic achievements, and a traditional talent.'s a good experience. Hope that I was helpful


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                I have been a Tribal Princess twice and a half...Aye.

                1988-1989 " Miss Fall Festiva"l (Known as Miss Teen Cherokee now) for 1/2 a year cause my cuz got it then got pregnant and I was first runner up.
                1889-1990" Miss Fall Festival"
                1990-1991" Miss Cherokee"

                Now for realz my great great grandkids can say that their grandmother was a real CHEROKEE PRINCESS....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAA.
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                  The Indio California Pow Wow put on by the Cabazon Band is always looking for good princess candidates. Besides a beautiful crown, banner and shawl, the winner gets $1000 and a room at the next Indio, and yet there are usually only 3-5 contestants. That pow-wow is bi-annual in March and October.


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                    I am currently a princess now. The frank liske park powwow princess 2002-03.

                    In this competiton you had to anwser some interview questions that the judges asked you than have a dance competiton. Then the judges decide who wins and they crown you.
                    ~NATIVE PRIDE~


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                      1889-1990" Miss Fall Festival"
                      wow, tooter, I had no idea you were that old! :Chatter
                      - zeph


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                        I was Frank Liske Park Powwow Princess 2001-2002. I'm in the competition for Miss Native Way in Tifton, GA.


                        MizzQaqimat's Space


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                          Well I guess I did blab it huh? SSHHHHHHH just don't tell nobody else...Aye.

                          Anyways I don't feel like I am that old and I still get carded for cigarettes...YEEEHAAAAAAAAA! If you were to meet me I bet you would think that I was about 20. It makes me feel really good...wonder what I will look like when I'm forty...hehehe.
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                            Originally posted by ChenoaNativeGirl
                            I was Frank Liske Park Powwow Princess 2001-2002. I'm in the competition for Miss Native Way in Tifton, GA.

                            good luck! i'll be there!
                            Don't ever stop dancing


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                              Originally posted by TradishJingleFancyShawl

                              good luck! i'll be there!
                              Kewl! Are you dancing? Are you competing for MNW too? I was going to be fancy down there, but I'll be dancing jingle now.


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