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Help!!! I'm gonnA' compete!!!

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  • Help!!! I'm gonnA' compete!!!

    Help Please!!! I'm gonna be in the Miss Coharie Pagent and I'm really scared. I always wanted to compete, and this year will be my first year dancin. I was talkin to my friends and they told me I should do it. But what am I gonna do for talent??
    According to my brother: I can semi do everything, sing, i can do a few gymnastic stuff, I've played the clarinet for about six years (but whenever I play in front of ppl my face gets really red, and my hands get cold, start shaking and sweat), I havent had any formal dance instruction outside of cheerleading, I don't really have a problem acting on stage or speaking though.
    If you have any suggestions, even songs or outfit ideas help : I'm clueless!!!:Help :Scared :Cry :Shocked :Help
    Play an instrument
    Some kind of speech
    other(please post)

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    I'm not into competition, but I do have to get up in front of people all the time for this and that and other things. You are just going to have to follow your heart on this one, calm down, and go for it! I am not only a Health and Safety Instructor, but also a Vol EMT, trust me, when that alarm first goes off, your adrenaline gets pumping, then when you hear what the problem is, you panic big time, then when you get on scene it's like instinct takes over, and when it's all over you give a big sigh of thanks that's it's over. I don't think competition could be much different than that.

    If you get so nervous you can't play your instrument, then maybe you just need to practice in front of people more! Imagine them not there, or better picture them half naked, you'll giggle at first, but it really works! I'm lucky, I'm a Girl Scout Leader, I just pretend that when I'm in front of a bunch of adults, they are no different than my girls! In fact, most of the time, the kids I work with are better behaved! he he he he:Chatter
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      Does your pageant require a traditional talent or a modern talent? Have you ever been to the pageant as a spectator? (Sometimes it helps to go to the pageant to have an idea of what is expected and you can even talk to the past winners or contestants.)


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        What to do?

        Just follow your feelings, your heart will lead you into the right direction. Only you know your talents and only you can make the choice. But choose wisely!


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          This is just my personal opinion, but you should do what makes you feel comfortable. It's been my experience that they look at how calmly you can do things. I think the reason is becasue winning the title isn't about just wearing a crown. It's about being a spokesperson for your people. They need to to see how well you can handle the pressure. Can you be poised in a crowd. Can you carry yourself with dignity even if things go sour at times, etc. I wouldn't do a talent just because that's what so and so is doing or that's what you heard people like. It's all about presentation and how well you carry yourself. That's not to say you won't get flusttered. I did several times. That's to be expected and they know that. Just re-collect yourself and move on. I would, out of my choices that I had, do something that makes you the most comfortable. Hope this helps.


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            I'm sorry but I don't think everyone shoudl sing, most everyone feels a need to sing that's great
            what about your tribal history or tribal legends tell stories from there, shows you're into your tribe, where they been what they believe.

            Not sure of any coharie tribal history or legends, but you could find someone (elder) who knows the tribes' stories and talk to them.

            But show them you're proud to be coharie whatever you do!
            Well will wonders never cease.....


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              I am too late :( to compete this year but next year i will be ready and i think i will try other pagents for experience. I have been to several pagents the past few years and am in love with them (native and non). this'll be fun and maybe for talent i will do a combination dance and sing or sumtin who knows bu i got a whole year to practice!


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                its great that you decided to compete. Now that you know you want to, you have all year to practice your talents.

                Some pageants require both modern and traditional. Whatever you decide to do as your talent -- Practice, Practice, Practice!

                Alot of people may sing but do it if you have the skills! A good singer can steal the hearts of the judges which will give ya points towards winning.

                Anyways good luck next year!
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                  Pick a good bluegrass tune that moves you and accompany the song with spoons. Ayyee.


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                    I was fortunate to attend the Miss Indian World talent portion at the Gathering of Nations this year and it was so wonderful. I cant' remember what the winner did for her talent (there were 34 contestants so it was hard to remember everybody). But I can tell you what impressed me the most were the young women who knew what they were talking about and they had a passion for it. Whether it was the history of their people, or the reason they dance their style or how to fix a man's hairdo (Dineh), the ones who had practiced, or studied and knew the subject from their heart, those were the ones that stood out.

                    just remember that the true beauty of yourself starts on the inside and goes outward, not vice versa. if you are standing there about to go onstage and feel funny, think of your heart as a sacred fire, that firelight is emanating from it, radiating warmth and strength throughout your body, and then out to your loved ones and then the whole world. If you carry that kind of power with every step and every action, then you will never fail yourself .
           thine own self be true, and it shall follow, as night follows day, that you cannot then be false to anyone.
                    (paraphrasing from that ole white dude, Shakespeare.)

                    So good luck and have fun!
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                      Whoa!! this thread came back from nowhere!!
                      actually I was Turtle b4 i 4got my password and just decided to create a new name. thanx for all the positive responses though!


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                        I think you should try singing. :o

                        GOOD LUCK!
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