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  • What do you wear?

    Okay it's turning fall time and was wondering what most of you wore under your dresses?

    Like biker shorts, spandex shorts, or shorts or what?
    Sports bras?

    Just wondering, cuase sometimes I see women change right out in the open with their shorts on and jsut pull their dress/ skirt on over it. Me I'm sorry not really shy, but respectful and will find a bathroom to change in.

    I wear like the exercise shorts( no idea what you call it)
    Well will wonders never cease.....

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    I have to admit that I did not make my First Pow Wow dress, it was purchased, and a bit on the ummmm see thru kind, so I thought and thought and thought, what would be most traditional, be cool, and still keep me protected? A Granny Night Gown.......... I still get totally soaked to the skin from the humidity, but being cotton it helps keep me cool too. I don't dress in public, too much of a prude, I take a tent I can change in, and had others ask to use it too!
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      I usually do bike shorts and a tshirt in the summer, and either the shorts or dance leggins and a long sleeve tshirt in the winter.


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        I like to wear the stretchy shorts both under my regalia and skirts that I wear when not in regalia. Not only does it keep your legs from rubbing together and keep anyone from seeing all you got, they are nice for those of us who need a little help holding it all in one place! :lol
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          Amen to that!!;)


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            Normally I wear stretch shorts. Of course, I am entertaining the thought of stretch pants next year. I have seen some wear pants with dresses, but not sure how correct this would be for replacing leggings....hmmmm.....would be more comfortable.:)


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              I just wear an under skirt under my outfit, But HEY!!! I live In AZ!!!!!!!!!
              SOUTHERN STYOZ


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                I Slip my skirt up over my shorts then drop them and I wear a tank to that my blouse goes over..So far the PowWows I have been to hardly ever have a place to change and porta potties I don't dare change in...
                I go hide behind my car and do the change over....or better yet...wear it there:Angel:
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