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Alot of questions for y'all out there...

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  • Alot of questions for y'all out there...

    Hello to all out there...I am new to this site. I used to dance when I was I was younger, and now that I am ALOT older I am wanting to dance again. I do attend pow-wows whenever I can as well as sing @ pow-wows. So my questions are how do I go about getting myself I use the pattern that I had when I used to dance? Can I modify it? Also since the passing of my father, I have to wait for a year to start that right? And does that go the same for singing as well? My father was a Southern singer, and I just want to respect him in anyway that I can, since we were not close. His step-son-in-law told me that I should start now, that my father would've wanted me to go on and continue. So I am just full of questions that really need answering !! Also kinda off the do I get an avatar, besides the ONE that they have listed.
    Your :Help would be greatly appreciated!!
    One of the most adventurous things left us is to go to bed. For no one can lay a hand on our dreams.

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    First about the passing, it depends on what he would have wanted and what the ways that you follow say. I was asked when my fiance passed to go right back in the next dance after he died. That was not easy. He felt that my voie was needed at the drum I sang with. Usually it would have been a year. AfterI did what he wanted I kinda stayed on the side lines for a year.


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      It depends

      It all depends on how your people go about grieving. Some people cut theyre hair, Cut themselves once on the arm or ankle, some fast for a certain amount of days, and some dont dance/sing for a year. Some do two of these things, others do different things.

      Getting back into the dance scene is a toughy. Usually you should dance what you first danced when you were young and follow the same color scheme and all that.

      Check out some pow wow books and pics about all youll need for your outfit, and you can just eye ball it from there. Its a good way to learn how to sow and keep your outfit together

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        Thank you two ladies, Beth and powwowchic49, for your replies. It really gives me alot to think about. :Thumbs I just really want to get back out there, it's been about 20 years. I do attend pow-wows, and dance inter-tribals as well as sing.
        One of the most adventurous things left us is to go to bed. For no one can lay a hand on our dreams.


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          Since you have been attendig powwows still, I am sure you have noticed a lot of changes in clothes since you last danced. Just be sure that if you are going to use your old dance style, that it is updated. On the singing, a lot of my friends have started right back up, possibly makes them feel closer to their lost ones. On the dancing, most seem to wait.
          Have fun starting back!
          Oh, and the more you post, the more you accumulate to get a new avitar!


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            I agree that you need to follow your fathers desires and your ways. What does your heart say you should do? Sounds to me you want to continue. Give up something to mourn/pay your way back to dance and dance the way you want. You have obviously seen many dancers and probably have a desired way to dress and dance. Do try to modernise as much as you can.

            I'll stop rambling now and continue surfing the threads.

            stomp 'til sun up!!!!!!!!


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              I lost my dad earlier this summer, I know how hard it is to return to the arena. Our tribe stays home for four days after the funeral and then has a feast. We are then released to go back to our lives. It is all in what is in your heart. My dad loved to dance and to pow wow. Myself, I have gone to a few pow wows and sat in the back and it was a good feeling to see and hear the drum and dancers. I gave away my dance clothes at the funeral, and already my relatives are making me new ones. My dad told us to stay the four days and then when we felt like dancing to dance for him and others that were like him while he was on this earth (invalid). I will be dancing soon and really looking forward to it. It is hard the first time, but there are people who will be blessed by seeing you dance again.
              Wear your own tribal clothes and enjoy yourself. Singing is a healing also. The drum has alot of gifts to give, and healing is one of them.
              I cannot help you on the avatar, if you don't already know, I am pretty slow on the uptake with the avatar stuff. ha ha


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